Grip Strength + Pulling Workout For BJJ


Grip strength is an important part of BJJ but often is not given as much training time as it deserves…Grips are the first point of contact with your partner and the person who gets the best grips first is more likely to end up in the more dominant position. Here’s a great challenge workout to gain the pulling strength, as well as grip and core strength. You can also use your own gi and grip trainers such as VO2Max Iron Fist.

Learn Marcelo Garcia’s Complete Butterfly Guard – You’ll Have An Unfair Advantage As You Successfully Attack Any Opponent (Large Or Small) -As He Has Proven Time After Time

  • Get a total masterclass in the most successful butterfly guard of all time, as Marcelo Garcia teaches how to attack and defend from his favorite guard position.
  • The 4-time ADCC Champion and 5-time IBJJF World Champion is one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors ever, and he was known for using his incredible technique to beat world champions way bigger than him, sometimes as much as twice his size.