Doing These 3 Exercises Will Make Your Jiu Jitsu Strength Skyrocket

Doing These 3 Exercises Will Make Your Jiu Jitsu Strength Skyrocket

Yeah yeah, we know the story you’re about to tell us: „But BJJEE, I barely make it to my Jiu Jitsu classes, how am I supposed to make it to the gym as well?“
And while it could be argued that if it matters, you’ll make time for it, it’s perfectly understandable that some jiujiteiros have busier lives than others. Therefore, if you want to make it to the gym and improve your strength for BJJ, then you need to pick a few effective exercises; ones which’ll be enough for your strength gains, but which won’t take too much of your time as well.

Luckily for you, Phil Daru – founder of the Daru Strong brand, as well as a head strength and conditioning coach for the American Top Team; and someone who has trained world-renowned fighters such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Junior Dos Santos, Colby Covington and many others – has prepared three exercises which will take your BJJ to the next level.



The number one exercise Phil gets his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes to do is the Zercher Squat. The reason for that, he explains, is that he’s trying to build the muscles of an athlete’s posterior chain; the upper back, mid back, hips, hamstrings and glutes. This exercise also translates to being stronger in the guard, as well as into being able to control your opponent better.



Phil’s second exercise of choice is the Glute Bridge Floor Press; one that will engage your body all-over and which will yield terrific benefits for your Jiu Jitsu! Phil explains that a jiujiteiro should do this exercise because it mimics the same exact movements which are utilized on the mats.
He points out that it will help the jiujiteiro in keeping control over their core, as well as with their pressing power… In effect, bettering their chances of getting out – of escaping – from a bad position they may find themselves in!



As a Deadlift variation, the Trap Bar Deadlift is yet another great exercise for the jiujiteiro’s posterior chain. Phil points out that he likes this exercise because it’s easy to do and because an athlete can put it in the midline of their body; as well as because they improve their overall strength capacity by doing it.



Phil emphasizes that a jiujiteiro needs to be aware that they need to be doing these exercises efficiently, so that they can have the optimal levels of power and endurance throughout the entire match, throughout the entire tournament!

He also points out that he sees a lot of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes who are afraid of doing strength and conditioning work. This is a wrong way to look at things, however. Phil explains that, if a jiujiteiro wants to make sure that they keep in full control over their opponent, then they need to acquire the  ability of being strong. For, when the two athletes are on the pretty same skill level, the thing which will set one over the edge is being stronger than their opponent.
Therefore, this goes to show that if you can maintain or increase your strength capacities, then you will be a more dominant jiujiteiro on the mats.

Phil has used these exercises to enhance the abilities of athletes such as Gezary Matuda, Bruno Carvalho and many others; as well as to keep them injury-free. If it worked for them, then it will surely work for you – so go get it!


Watch Phil explain and demonstrate these exercises on the video below:

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