Bas Rutten: “There’s No Such Thing As Having Enough Stamina”

Bas Rutten: “There’s No Such Thing As Having Enough Stamina”

What does your stamina look like? You should probably improve it… But how? There are all sorts of approaches to doing it and it can be rather difficult to pick just one option.
That’s why it’s important to listen to those who are more experienced than you are. Their words of advice, tips and overall thoughts. For example, when it comes to cardio, you should definitely listen to Bas Rutten!



In the video below, Rutten first goes on to explain his mindset when going into training. It’s not for everyone:

I trained myself to love getting tired. I hated it (initially)… But then I thought to myself: “As long as I keep hating this, I’m loving it. And if you don’t love something, you’re never going to do it a lot. I’m going to have to force myself to love it.
And I found a way to, whenever I was really tired, to say: “Give me more, more! More tired, more tired!” I would to that over and over… And suddenly, I started getting (better).

It was almost as if I was addicted to getting tired. It was a runner’s high. My teeth would start glowing from training so hard.



Rutten continued to explain that his approach has changed now, of course. But the way he did his training for fights was through increments:

There were times when I’d have my normal workout and then I’d go to the heavy bag. I’d come up with 8 combinations that I’d do; three punches and right after that four punches. And I’d do that same thing – three punches, four punches, three punches, four punches… For one minute. But as hard¬†as I can.
Then, (I’d take a) one minute break. Then one minute full out again… And I’d keep drilling those in.

Suddenly, you can do all 15 rounds at full power. People are like: “(Just) one minute?” I can do a drill for one minute, you can be in whatever shape you wanna be, you’re gonna be in trouble – trust me. Because I have ways to get really freaking tired.

So, then I’m used to 15 rounds. I want to keep going since I’m so explosive, but I can’t because I’m going to overtrain myself. So, next week I’d go to one minute and 5 seconds. I increase my workout by 5 seconds but I take away 5 seconds from my resting time. So it’s one minute 5 seconds with 55 seconds break.
Then next week if I can do all 15 rounds, I go for one minute and 10 seconds workout, 50 seconds break. Then one minute 15 seconds, 45 seconds break.

And then, if you go all the way to a fight, 10 weeks out – you end up at one minute 30 seconds at full power and 30 seconds break, for half an hour straight.

Check out Bas Rutten explain his approach below: