A Simple & Effective Push-Up Routine For Grapplers

A Simple & Effective Push-Up Routine For Grapplers
Image Credits: Phil Daru

You don’t need expensive gym equipment to get in shape. Nor do you need it to achieve better strength, endurance, and mobility for grappling… Sometimes all you need are your bodyweight and gravity.
For instance, here’s a fantastic push-up routine that all grapplers should do at least every once in a while. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it won’t take too much of your time. Plus, it can be done wherever you are.

Phil Daru demonstrates and explains.



This push-up routine will build shoulder strength, stability, and also mobility. It will also add some endurance to your upper body’s pushing ability.
Each exercise that you do, you’ll do for 4 reps – and then immediately transition to the next one. Feel free to do as many sets as you’d like.

Start out with regular push-ups first. Make sure that your elbows aren’t flared out too much while doing them, because this could damage your shoulder joint; instead, have around a 45 degree angle on them.
Then, as you’re done with the 4 reps, you’ll immediately transition to sit out push-ups. It’s just like a regular sit-out, where you rotate your chest up towards the ceiling and your leg goes through – but here, after you do it, you go for a push-up. Do 4 reps on each side.

Next up are dive bomb/Hindu push-ups. Go all the way through, like you’re going under barb wire. This variation will work your shoulder endurance and mobility, as well as your core stability.
After that one, go for Spiderman push-ups. Simply bring your knee to your elbow as you get down and repeat that on the other side; getting 4 repetitions on each.

And lastly, do 4 reps of frog push-ups. You’ll do a push-up, then drive your hips back and bend your knees; then driving your knees forward into a full push-up position yet again.
Watch how to do this routine on the video below: