10 Best Strength Building Exercises For Fighters

10 Best Strength Building Exercises For Fighters

Strength is your base and everything is build on top of it. In order to improve at other physical attributes and in your overall performance you must build strength.

Funk Roberts goes through the best 10 strength building exercises for MMA and Combat Fighters.

If you want to build strength then Include these into your training.


Top 10 Strength Exercises for Combat Fighters:


1. Deadlifts (Barbell and Trap Bar)
2. Barbell Squat Variations (Front, Zercher, Back)
3. Weighted Pull/Chin Ups (various grips)
4. Barbell Bench Press (Close Grip and Regular)
5. Turkish Get Ups (KB/DB)
6. Barbell Military Press (Seated)
7. Barbell Lunge Variations (alternating, reverse and stationary)
8. Barbell Bent Over Rows (various grips)
9. Weighted Step Ups – Unilateral strength (KB, DB, Barbell)
10. Weighted Parallel Bar Dips



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