The Estima Bros: ‘We Are Are Organizing A European Camp Focused On Competition Strategy.’


Victor 2

The Estima brothers Braulio and Victor are both world BJJ champions. 

To start 2014 on the right foot, the brothers will lead the European Training Camp 2014, an incredible opportunity to be side by side with these beasts of jiu-jitsu. In this interview with Gracie Barra Brazil website the brothers talk more about their 2014 plans:

The camp is approaching … How are the preparations?

Braulio: We are really working hard and trying our best in organizing this camp. It will be the first time we’re doing this and I can not wait. We are planning something special using our experience as competitors and instructors. Who participates will enjoy an incredible experience.

You have become known and recognized fighters. What makes the difference?

Victor: Well, we believe that we must always be evolving in the sport. The way we studied jiu-jitsu allows us to continue learning with a very open mind. We are passionate about the sport. We are constantly trying to bring something new to it. We understand what is hard work, but we like to combine it with smart work.

What can we expect from Euro Camp? We heard that he will be one of the largest in Europe.

Braulio: We’ll focus on positions and strategies that we believe are essential to winning a tournament Jiu-Jitsu. It will be a great opportunity to meet Team GB, not only in strength, but especially psychologically. Let us become even stronger.

Victor : The Camp is an initiative of Gracie Barra to provide support for the teams here in Europe. It will be something that will happen every year. Let’s bring all our best instructors. This seminar will have the presence of me and my brother Braulio, Flavio Almeida, Marcio Feitosa, Marco Joca, Zé Radiola, Max Carvalho and many other black belts from GB.


The camp will take place in Lisbon, Portugal and begins on Sunday, January 19 and ends on Wednesday 22 January. The location is University Stadium in Lisbon, Av Teacher Egas Moniz, 1600 – 190 Lisbon, Portugal