Prof. Jorge Pereira (Rickson Gracie Black Belt) Back In Bulgaria & Macedonia: “Jiu-Jitsu Is For Life!”


Master Jorge Pereira is a student of Rickson Gracie and the leader of Roots BJJ. You can read our interview with him here. Before his seminars in Sofia, Bulgaria (May 11) and Skopje, Macedonia (Maj 18, May 19), Prof Pereira spoke with BJJ Eastern Europe about his latest news and Jiu-Jitsu concepts:

1.Hi Jorge, can you tell us what is new with you since our interview with you last year?

Hi guys !!! I’ve been traveling the world for my seminars and searching for the right way to express the 100 % pure Jiu-Jitsu ! After Rickson’s seminar I’ve seen a lot of new tools for this goal. My seminar, of course will be totally different from Rickson’s , but the soul always will be the same , or I will at least try to bring it. We are going to study a Jiu Jitsu for life ! It is very important that you guys understand that I’ll not talk about the same points as my Master , he will do this soon there too . I want show for you guys my vision , of course which is very inspired by him !

2.You spent some time visiting your students in Skopje, Macedonia in 2012. What were your impressions from your time there and what do you think about their success in competitions?

It is great that they have all that success in the competitions. Ivica and all the Roots BJJ family is doing a great job. Discipline and Dedication are two important points for this success !

3. Can you tell us more about your style of Jiu-Jitsu? How would you define it, and how does it differ from other styles or schools?

My Style is Gracie Jiu Jitsu , from my master Rickson Gracie . I always try to follow his teachings. My Jiu Jitsu is for life , for self defense and developing health . Of Course Competitions of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA are part of all that concept too . But I try to see the JiuJitsu in a bigger picture . JIU JITSU FOR LIFE !

Old school Jorge (top right)

Old school Jorge (top right)

4. If you want to thank somebody or sponsors feel free.

I would like to Thanks my Dad and my Master Rickson Gracie . Also my team in Miami . ROOTS BJJ AND KNOCKOUT ZONE !!! And also all you guys for all the respect and love !!!!

5. Thank you Jorge and all the best!

Thank you guys !!! See you guys soon with a lot of fun and JiuJitsu of course !!!!


Seminar in Skopje