Paros Island, Greece Jiu-Jitsu Camp II (Sept 2014) With Marcelo Alonso & Nick Unander

Paros Island, Greece Jiu-Jitsu Camp II (Sept 2014) With Marcelo Alonso & Nick Unander



After the very successful first edition that was held in May, they are doing the camp again in September.

When: Sept-15 to Sept-19
Instructors: Marcelo Alonso, Nick Unander
Cost: 500 EUR

Hotel and breakfast are included. There will be 3-4+ hours of training per day.

Paros BJJ camp was conceived for BJJ lovers who wish to visit one of the most beautiful island in Greece.
Paros is also the most positively charged energy islands with many location for meditation.
The best tourist destination in Greece is a paradise of amazing beaches and natural beauty . Mixing your jiu-jitsu Training and unforgettable tourist attractions,you will see a beauty of the greek islands that will astound you.

During the camp you will learn the techniques from one of the most recognised and respected in the Carlson Gracie team Master Marcelo Alonso along with Nick Unander.
Live the dream and absorb the culture and the highest standards of comfort safety and fun.

Paros is the Best island to feel jiu jitsu energy. Join us for the experience of a life time!!!


Do not miss this chance to learn form both black belt legends and innovators.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/504588426309725/




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