Marcus Buchecha Seminar In Amsterdam, June 13th.


On June 13th, the 6x Jiu Jitsu World Champion Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’ will give a seminar in Holland for the first time ever.

Marcus ‘Buchecha’ is the current black belt Absolute World Champion! At the moment he is dominating the competition scene by winning all the tournaments that he enters. He has beaten the top black belts and even legends of the sport.

6x World Champion (2012 black weight & absolute, 2010 brown weight & absolute, 2009 purple weight & absolute);
6x World Nogi Champion (2011 black weight & absolute, 2010 black weight & absolute, 2009 brown & absolute);
6x Pan American Champion (2013 Open Weight and Division, 2012 Open Weight and Division,2011 black,2010 brown)
2x Word Pro Cup Champion (2013 absolute, 2012 weight)
5x World Pro Cup Trials Champion (2013, 2012, 2011,2010)

In this seminar Marcus ‘Buchecha’ will share his winning techniques with all you BJJ fanatics, competitors and practitioners of Holland!
This is a 3 HOUR seminar and you can expect effective, explosive takedowns, guard attacks, passes, footlocks, back attacks and more. He has it all..!!!

This seminar is recommended for everybody who wants to evolve their Jiu Jitsu game and take it to the next level. For the lower belts there will be incredible guard attacks and passes, for the elite belts he has super effective footlocks and sick back attacks. Most important of all, let the BJJ community of Holland give ‘Buchecha’ a warm welcome and showcase him the level of Jiu Jitsu in Holland, because by the end of the seminar he will ROLL with most of the participants.

Outfit: Gi/kimono only
location: Sporthal BL46 (dojo)
Address: Boelelaan 46, 1082 LR, Amsterdam
Open to ALL academies!

Cost: €65 Seminar/ €85 Package*
LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!!! (first come, first serve)

* Want to have the most awesome weekend ever? A world class unforgettable seminar by ‘Buchecha’ and also enjoy some sight seeing and training in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The Package is optional for international visitors or non-members of the Marcos Flexa JJ Academy who want to get even more out of the seminar. The Package consists of: Seminar entrance + training at the Marcos Flexa JJ Academy on Fri – Sun (14 – 16 June, 2 sessions a day).

So what are you waiting for? sign up at: http://www.marcosflexajj.nl/seminar/

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