First Ever Luta Livre Camp in New York with Nicolas Renier 5x ADCC Vet

First Ever Luta Livre Camp in New York with Nicolas Renier 5x ADCC Vet

Nicolas Renier, 5x ADCC veteran from France, will introduce his sport, Luta Livre, to the USA in July teaching the first Luta Livre Camp in New York City.

Can you explain to us what is Luta Livre ?

Well, Luta Livre is an other vision of ground fighting, it’s only NoGi.
Luta Livre is an evolution of Wrestling,
It’s an aggressive style of Brazilian Wrestling.
It comes from a mix between catch wrestling and catch as catch can.

What is the difference between LL and BJJ ?

The difference with BJJ is the philosophy:
In BJJ the common way to learn it is stay on the bottom defending guard until getting sweep or submission, in Luta Livre we prefer to stay on the top to get the submission because our attacks are also our defenses.

What is the program with this first camp in New York ?

I want to show a different way of thinking, a different way of fighting to get the submission.
We will Work on the attitude to prevent submission, ànd teach a different way of Escaping positions and defending submissions, and of course my favorite guard pass that I used at ADCC.

Very nice, will you roll with the students?

Of course! I like to roll, if i don’t have any injury I try to roll with everybody and at the end of the Camp I take time to answer the questions and show more from my NR Luta Livre.

When and where to discover or learn more about Luta Livre ?

15th-16th of July at Ultimate Gym
5W 30th street, New York City. 8 hours of hard training. If you have any questions you can contact me by email nrlutalivre@gmail.com or on my Facebook Nicolas Renier.