BJJ CAMP in Rio de Janeiro with Ertan Balaban, Igor Silva, Rafael Abi-Rihan and Jacare Souza!

April 20 at 12:00am until April 30 at 12:00am7 days Camp amd Last 3 days Fighting in Brazilian Nationals
Everyday classes run by Igor Silva and Abi-Rihan, and 3 Superstar Seminers during the Camp!

Price includes:

* full breakfast (suplemments included), a person washing, organizing and cleaning the house.
* transportion vehicle to perform all programming schedule
* all of group classes at the Abi-Rihan´s Academy (6 days per week)
* all you can eat one time a day (free buffet and barbecue) for 10 days
* 1 rule seminar, 1 mma seminar, 2 bjj seminars with top levels
* closed classes for turkish group (with Igor/Abi-Rihan)
* alternative activities like outdoor running, Ginástica Natural, forest treking
* BJJ Brazilian Nationals Fees
* 1 Keiko Raça Gi (with BJJ Lifestyle logo)
* 1 customized mouthpiece

Some other blackbelts will show up during the Camp…. Such as Yan Cabral (he beat
 Sakuraba on his last fight by submission)

For more information:

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