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The Ultimate Guide To Breakfalls & Avoiding Injuries

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Famed BJJ Coach Gordinho Dismayed With Mendes Bros Poaching His Students Under False Pretense

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Guy Pretends That The Match is Over Then Goes For A Submission

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Gordon Ryan Wins Double Gold at IBJJF No Gi Pan & Issues Message To Haters

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Immense Cultural Effect Of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast on the Rise Of BJJ


Guilherme & Rafael Mendes give us an insight about their goals for 2012, their training & conditioning regimen, nutrition, and their opponents

BJJ Eastern Europe techniques: “The Filipino Headcutter” a very unusual but effective submission

What are the best supplements/ vitamins for a BJJ athlete?

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Turkey’s Ertan Balaban talks us about why he’s putting his promising MMA career on hold and refocusing on BJJ

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Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller visits Copacobana BJJ academy in Poland

BJJ Eastern Europe techniques: “The Serbian Foot lock”

Who was the first European to win a gold medal at the BJJ Worlds in the black belt division? Laurence Cousin Fouillat of France!

Review of last weekend’s Saint Petersburg BJJ Open in Russia

Bosnia’s first BJJ black belt, Arvin Widder on using judo in BJJ, and the BJJ scene in the region

Victor Estima seminar in Vienna!

Croatian No Gi BJJ Open on April 7, 2012. Cash prizes!

Rio Grappling Club Poland’s Mariusz Koziej talks about the BJJ scene in Poland, running his academies and the growth of the RGC network

Head coach of 2012 European Juvenile team champions, Željko Vuković talks about how he built his successful youth program from the ground up

BJJ Gear review: Koral MKM Competition

Video interview with 4x world BJJ champion Michelle Nicolini

Asian champion, silver medalist at Brasileiro, Worlds & Europeans, the Philippine’s Ralph Go: “I want to win the Worlds in 2012!”

Gracie Barra Hungary’s Max Carvalho: “I’m working to make BJJ more popular in this part of Europe”

The man to dethrone Rafael Mendes? Exclusive interview with Augusto Tanquinho about his return to competition, his strategy, and his future plans in the US.