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Purple Belt Jason Statham Training BJJ To Get in Shape For Fast and Furious spin-off

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‘Listen To Your Body’ or Overtrain: What is the Best Formula To Achieve Your Goals?

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Should You Start BJJ If You’re Not In Shape?

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Tips For Women Who Want To Start Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Tom DeBlass Went From ‘Dadbod’ to Incredible Shape with Easy Strength & Nutrition System


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BJJ Transfers: Keenan Cornelius, JT Torres & Jordon Schultz Move To Atos San Diego

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Renzo Gracie On Dealing with The IOC To Bring BJJ To The Olympics: “You have to pass all control to them…The next thing you see, they own the sport..”

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Renato Tavares on How To Lose Weight For A BJJ Tournament

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Keenan Cornelius leaves Team Lloyd Irvin

Serbian BJJ Cup 2013, April 7th in Belgrade, Serbia

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