Want To Eat Right? Try These Healthy Substitutes


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Eating right and clean for BJJ doesn’t have to be a pain in the A**.  Variety is king when it comes to continuing your quest to build maximum, lean muscle without adding body fat. You can replace some of your fatty foods with healthy muscle building substitutes:

“Protein Sources

1. White-meat, skinless poultry for dark-meat poultry
Which is best: white or dark meat? With white poultry meat containing less fat and more protein than its darker counterpart, the choice is clear.
2. Bison over beef
Bison is quickly becoming the bodybuilder’s best friend as it is lower in fat, higher in protein than beef and increasingly more available.


3. Ground turkey for ground beef
Be sure to select lean ground turkey as it will be lower in fat and is a great source of easily digestible muscle-building protein.
4. Whole eggs for egg whites
WHAT, you say?! Yes, the fats in whole eggs secretly provide triggers to help keep vital hormones such as testosterone operating at premium levels. Also, you will get an extra helping of protein within the yolk!
5. Skim milk for 2% milk
Having virtually no fat, skim is a great way to go especially when on a fat-cutting diet.
6. Low-fat cottage cheese over regular cottage cheese
Much like milk, the low-fat and fat-free varieties are the logical options.
7. Greek yogurt for regular yogurt
Having twice as much protein as regular yogurt, the Greek version also boasts more natural ingredients without the added gelatin.
8. Lean turkey bacon over pork bacon
Lower in calories, fat and cholesterol, turkey bacon is a great source for morning protein when eggs just lose their appeal.
9. Fresh tilapia and salmon over canned tuna
The choice is clear when choosing a fresh catch over the canned variety. Singling out salmon particularly; this protein powerhouse also contains vital healthy fats.
10. Beef jerky for potato chips
Beef of the jerky kind is not only an excellent source of whole protein but also extremely portable and convenient. If you need a snack, opt for one packed with protein.
11. Whey protein for weight gainer powder
Whey not only provides the best possible combination of branch chain amino acids, it also is void of the high amounts of sugars and carbs that most weight gainers contain.
12. Low-fat cheeses over regular cheese
Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, low-fat cheese is a clear winner.
13. Chicken breast for deli meat
Fresh cooked chicken breast is a far superior source over highly processed and additive-filled deli meat. Not to mention chicken has the all too important higher protein content.
14. Sirloin steak over ribeye
Sirloin boasts a leaner cut and lower cholesterol and fat than its fatty cousin the ribeye. Plus, the sirloin has a more protein per square inch.
15. Casein protein for late-night binges
Casein is an excellent choice for a late-night fix. As a slow-digesting protein, it’s ideal to fuel the body during the eight or so hour fast during sleep.
16. Turkey sausage for pork sausage
Being the leaner of the two, the turkey variety has less cholesterol, fat and calories.

Fat Replacements
17. Natural peanut butter for regular or low-fat peanut butter
Yes, it is true. Even the low fat kind still has a lot of unnatural stuff in it such as preservatives and trans fats. Stick with the natural kind for a healthy dose of goodfats and an extra helping of protein.
18. Greek yogurt for mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise can get a bit high in fat and calories due to the fact that not many of us truly measure what we eat. Using Greek yogurt can put you at ease and give you a little extra protein in the meantime.

Carbohydrate substitutions
29. Quinoa over white rice
Quinoa serves up a more complex chain of starches and provides an extra helping of protein as a bonus. White rice has virtually no fiber and little, if any, protein.
30. Long grain brown rice over white rice
The long grains provide a more fibrous and complex carb than white rice which will help you feel fuller, longer.
31. Steel cut oats for instant oatmeal
Steel cut oats are a phenomenal source of whole grain oats and will provide a steady state of energy as opposed to the quick digesting, insulin inducing packaged, flavored oatmeal packs.
32. Sweet potato for white potato
Although not a completely bad choice, the traditional white potato pales in comparison to the sweet potato regarding fiber, vitamins, minerals and glycemic effect.
33. Spinach lettuce for iceberg lettuce
The almost non-nutritious iceberg lettuce does very little to boost any real muscle-building benefits, however, spinach contains much-needed iron and other vital mineral and vitamins plus fiber.
34. Mashed cauliflower over mashed potatoes
Much lower in calories and simple starches, mashed cauliflower is an excellent substitute for potatoes without the guilt.
35. 100% whole wheat pasta over regular pasta
The whole wheat variety is not only the healthier choice but will also create more satiety in the long run and normalize blood sugar levels.
37. 100% whole wheat bread for white bread
Nearly stripped of all nutritious benefits, white bread does not stack up to the nutrient-rich, fibrous wheat bread. Just be sure it states 100% whole wheat.
39. Apples for sugary snacks
Apples are the superior choice for not only slow-digesting energy, but also contain specific phytochemicals to help burn body fat.”

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