3 Tips To Safely Cut Weight Before BJJ Competition

3 Tips To Safely Cut Weight Before BJJ Competition

If you have a competition coming up, but you’ve registered for a weight class that isn’t quite yours to begin with… You’ll probably be looking to cut weight.
However, the way most BJJ practitioners (especially new ones) cut weight is far from healthy. It makes them feel weak, prone to injuries, and much more likely to lose than it would’ve been the case otherwise.

Here are 3 tips that will help you cut weight in a safe and healthy manner.



The first mistake Jiu-Jitsu athletes make is registering for a competition that’s way too close, so they attempt to undergo too rigorous of a weight cut. This is rarely successful, so your best bet is to plan for competitions well ahead of time.
This will give you enough time to undergo a safe cut.

Secondly, you want to monitor your weight on a regular basis and do it in the mornings. As soon as you’re out of the bed and done with the toilet, weigh yourself – and then write these stats down.
As the week progresses, you’ll probably notice some fluctuations in weight. But what matters is that that you see an overall downwards trend.

But what happens when your weight stops dropping? Here’s the key: do not eliminate a lot of calories all of the sudden. Instead, eliminate a smaller amount of food from your next few meals. That will lead to yet another drop in weight… And then, when the weight stops dropping again, reduce the calories by a bit once more.
Repeat this process as many times as you can. Remember: the goal isn’t to lose too much weight, but to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Nick „Chewy“ Albin explains more about these tips – and shares one more, fantastic tip on weighing yourself on the competition day: