Xande Ribeiro: “My Brother Saulo & Me Are The Two Sides Of The Same Coin. We Complete Each Other.”

Xande Ribeiro: “My Brother Saulo & Me Are The Two Sides Of The Same Coin. We Complete Each Other.”


Xande Ribeiro recently beat Braulio Estima in a Superfight at Copa Podio, in Rio de Janeiro. In an interview (In Portuguese) with tatame, Xande commented on the differences between entering a competition with a few matches and entering an event with just one superfight. He also talked about his relationship with his older brother, 6x world Champion Saulo Ribeiro. The Ribeiro brothers now have a online academy, BJJ Library, which shows daily techniques that they show in their California academies, rolls, seminar footage etc… 

How do you analyze your performance in the Copa Podio?

I had many good positions. I knew that Braulio was off the pace, but he surprised me trying to berimbolo. I thought he was going to try to pull my arms. My berimbolo defense was good. In my other participation in the Copa Podio last year (Heavyweight GP), I did not like my performance. I am a marathon runner, I’m used to doing 10 fights a day, but this was was very good.

It is better to be marathoner or just focus efforts on one fight?

It’s different. In fact, last year I fought Metamoris, World Masters, Copa Podio… I was not used to have just one  fight for the day. I did not know how to handle the rush and saw now that it’s different. For the next Copa Podio, I’ll be once again present to represent my city of Manaus.

How was it competing again in Brazil?

I left Brazil 12 years ago to move to the USA. In 2004, I was Brazilian and world Champion winning in Rio. It is always a pleasure to show that the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Jiu-Jitsu is a basic reasoning. That’s what always prevails and now we are showing the results. For me, it is a pleasure to be here with the crowd.

What is the importance of your brother Saulo, who was in your corner during the fight?

It is so important. Saulo is a genius of the gentle art, we have a good connection, and trained me well to defend against Braulio. In one of the movements of defense of berimbolo, Braulio did not feel comfortable in continuing in the position. I usually say that Saulo and I are the two sides of the same coin. He is the fire and I’m the water, he is the rock and I am the wind. We complete each other. When I don’t see, he sees and vice versa.

What is next?

Now I’m going back to the United States, the finish my camp for the worlds with Lovato and to go for this title. My preparation is all there. When I am in Brazil, I train in Niterói. But training is all in the USA because all our top athletes are in America.