World Champion Samir Chantre on Sacrificing Personal Life for Jiu-Jitsu

World Champion Samir Chantre on Sacrificing Personal Life for Jiu-Jitsu

1. Hi Samir, can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ Community of Eastern Europe? 

My name is Samir Chantre, I’m 24 years old, brazilian, BJJ black belt World Nogi and Pan Ams Nogi Champion. I got my black belt under Alan Moraes in 2009 back in Brazil and now I train in San Jose – CA.

2. What’s your Jiu-Jitsu story? 

I started training bjj when I was 9 years old because I went to one of my older brother’s belt promotion and I got interested about it. I went to Fabricio JJ Academy in Brazil since it was located on the same block I used to live. One years latter I went train where my brother trains, Bolão Jiu-Jitsu Center but two years latter I end up taking a break from BJJ to play soccer. After a couple of years without training, in february of 2003, I decided to get back into it after one friend, Alan Moraes, that had just got promoted to black belt had asked me if I wanted to try his class. I accepted and I never stopped training after that. In 2009 after intense years of training in the Carlson Gracie academy in Copacabana – RJ, I received from my instructor’s hands the black belt. Two months latter I moved to the US to make a living with bjj and also to train with my friend Caio Terra, we used to train back in Brazil and he had moved to US two years before I get promoted.
Now we have a great group, excellent training partners and thank God the results are coming.

3. At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to Jiu-jitsu?

I’ve been always training very hard, but I got in a point where I was having to work, go to law school and train twice a day. Can you imagine how hard my life was? I was only a brown belt, so when I got my black belt I had to decide what I wanted to do since I wouldn’t be able to get good results with this routine. I decided to stick with bjj.

4. You are a frequent competitor. What is it about competition that you like so much?

I love everything about competition, I love the adrenaline, I love to prove my techniques and see what my mistakes are so I can improve!

5. Please tell us about your Syrian background. Are in touch with your relatives in Syria or with the Syrian community in Brazil and the USA?

My grandparents from my dad’s side are from Syria but unfortunately I never got to meet them. They died when I wasn’t even born yet. That made my family lose the contact with all my relatives there. I enjoy the culture, my dad always make sure we know where we came from.

6. Please tell us about your academy in California. How does it differ from other BJJ academies?

We have a great team here and lots of gyms are affiliated, whoever are in one of our gym not only get to have a high level instruction but also can learn from all of us. We are also very updated with the new techniques since we are in all the tournaments and we study a lot.

7. What are BJJ players that you admire, and why?

I don’t know if I can tell you one or two… I admire many and some of them I like the top game, others bottom game, others the mentality other the fact they play clean without cheating…

8. How is it training with a beast like Caio Terra on a regular basis?

With Osvaldo Augusto Queixinho and Caio Terra at 2011 IBJJF American Nationals.

It’s awesome. I’ve been always learning a lot with him, he is really smart too.

9. What did you think about the Metamoris Pro event? Do you like these rules as comapred to IBJJF?

The event was the nicest I’ve ever seen. I really like the submission only format but I don’t like when it draws. So maybe with no time limit would be better.

10. How would describe your style of Jiu-Jitsu? How about your teaching style?

I’m very aggressive and I look for the submission the whole time.
About me teaching, I like to pass all the details and concepts to my students .

11. What advice would you give to someone that is averagely athletic, has a full time job, a family, and can’t train everyday, but still wants to constantly improve his jiu-jitsu at all times?

I would suggest him to train as much as he can but without rushing things. Train smart, and don’t take the chance to get hurt.

12. What is next for you in 2012/2013?

I have the Pro League coming up next week, after that I’ll have some vacation time and then start planing my competition schedule for 2013 with my teammates.

13. Thanks Samir and all the best!

Thank you and it was a pleasure. I would like to thanks to my sponsors Mkimonos, CTRL Industries and FighterTech for all the support.

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