The man to beat Rodolfo? Marcus Buchecha talks his performance at the World Pro and his plans for the Worlds.

Rodrigo Cavaca’s pupil has already won the world champion in weight and absolute at blue belt and brown belt. This year’s Pan American champion and Abu Dhabi Pro, the fighter is at the peak of his career and mature enough to win the first world title at black belt. Check out the exclusive interview with Buchecha where he shares with us his intention to win the most important title of the gentle art and his suggestion as to how they can control steroid use in Jiu-Jitsu.

You had said that you would not go to Abu Dhabi Pro in the World Cup  because of a problem with the tickets. Why did you change your mind?

True, I had given up on fighting at the World Pro actually, because before I had even gotten there, I was having many problems and, despite having won the Brazil trials I had not gotten the right tickets (They gave him a ticket from Sao Paolo when he lives in California), so I blame the bad organization of the event. So the guys from the gym chipped in I was able to buy a ticket on time.

How was your journey to the highest place on the podium?

There were four fights in total. The first was with an Australian where I won by points. I also won the second by points. In the semifinal where I faced Jose Junior, I got a submission on the arm and in the final I was against Braga Neto and was able to submit him with a straight foot lock. All this of course with hours of delay, by the way not only for me but for all the athletes who were there. They said that we would fight at 2pm, when I looked at the clock it was 11pm and we were still in there fighting. It’s very tiring to stay all day there without knowing when you will fight, without eating right, I think the competition has done a good job with the money prizes, but they just need to organize better because they have everything to be the best Jiu-Jitsu championship.

Carlinhos Gracie said that he is working on testing for steroids in Jiu-Jitsu.Are you in favor? Do you believe that many athletes use?

I think if this is done will be very good for BJJ. In my opinion, the Confederation should do surprise tests in this Worlds, to differentiate those who really want to test and those who just want to talk in interviews, as many are doing.

What are your next goals? Go to the Brazilians or focus only on the Worlds?

The goal now is to focus on the Worlds. The camp of Checkmat will be good this year and you can be assured that we are coming to bother many people.

Have you been world champion four times, but not yet performed the feat in the black belt. Do you believe that this is your year? How is the expectation to fight for the title of the most important Jiu-Jitsu championship?

Yes, I managed to win the Worlds in weight and absolute in blue and brown, but not yet at black and the goal is now this. Surely this year I will fight for it and the expectation could not be better, because I have been getting good results this year, and managed to win the trials, the Pan American and World Pro so I’m now focused to win the Worlds for Checkmat!