Robert Drysdale: “I Would Like To Say One Day That I’ve Fought The Best In Gi, No Gi & MMA.”

Robert Drysdale: “I Would Like To Say One Day That I’ve Fought The Best In Gi, No Gi & MMA.”



Robert Drysdale was born in the United States. He is the son of a Brazilian lady with an American man,  who was raised in Brazil and has strong connection with the country where he spent most of his life. Last weekend, he was supposed to realize his dream UFC debut in Rio de Janeiro, under the encouragement of the crowd, but fate had another idea and a staph infection in his left calf kept him out of the fight against Ednaldo Lula.

Healing the infection, The BJJ black belt who has been living in America for the past 5 years, explained to Tatame what happened and hopes to have a new chance to fight again.

“What kind of infection did you have?

I had a staph infection for over a month, in the left calf. I thought it was a pimple. I went to the doctor, who said that the infection was at an advanced stage. I panicked. You may lose a leg with such an infection. I was prescribed a dose of antibiotics but they did not work. With three or four weeks to the fight in the UFC, I went to the doctor, who doubled the dosage and then it began to improve. I was taking antibiotics for a month. I could not train, and my cardio was affected. I saw that my performance was not good and my coaches thought that I better not fight. I really wanted this fight to be in Brazil, I was disappointed.

Have you any idea of ​​when you will be ready to fight again?

I think soon. It’s much better now.. I’m not worried about the infection, my concern is to pace myself. I’m training light, because I do not like to sit still.

What did this fight mean to you?

I would love to fight in Brazil. I have family, friends, my roots there, then it would be an honor. I do not know if I’ll have the chance because I do not know how the UFC sees me. In Brazil, most people do not know that I grew up there. So I’m not sure if this would be taken into consideration.


What about Jiu-Jitsu, do you still receive many invitations?

Metamoris called me, but I have no real desire. I think it would be hard for me to prepare according for that. It’s already hard to be competitive in a sport, then imagine in two, I think that it wouldn’t work for me. The day has only 24 hours and seven days week. You cannot train well in the two at the same time. I left the  competitive side of Jiu-Jitsu. It is not a priority anymore, but who knows in the future I could be back? MMA is a specific sport, with a different mindset, a different conditioning.

What made you make that transition?

Actually, I like the challenge. Jiu-Jitsu here was difficult. I could compete with the best in the world, won and lost a few, but did well. In No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, it was the same thing. MMA is my new puzzle. I want to look back one day and say that I fought with the best  in kimono, no gi and MMA. If I can do it, I’ll feel like a complete fighter. I know at least that I have to try. I respect those who do not want to try MMA, but that’s not me.

Anderson Silva and you have exchanged some harsh words. How is your relationship?

I have nothing against Anderson. The whole conversation started because of the TV show ‘Coutdown’ in the UFC when he was going to fight with Forrest (Griffin). They asked me what I thought would happen if the fight went to the ground. I replied that Forrest would win. The second question was: Could Forrest win?. I said yes. As a friend and training partner, They wanted me to speak what? That he would take a beating? At the time Anderson called me an idiot … I do not even bother.

What did you think of his fight against Weidman?

The impression I got is that Anderson was tired. He has won a lot. It’s hard to have motivation when you come to the top of the mountain. You see when the guy gets there and has no hunger. He doesn’t want to take any more interviews, autographs, nor does he know what to do with the money … He gained worldwide fame,  has nothing more to prove. It is very easy to lose motivation in these circumstances. This happens in all areas, especially in sports.

who were you for?

I was hoping for Weidman to win, but I have nothing against Anderson. I tend to cheer for the underdog. When the champion loses, it’s good for the sport. It shows that no one is perfect, no one is unbeatable and that a very good guy out there, who trains as much as the champion, can win.”