Ralek Gracie On Royler vs Eddie 2 @Metamoris: ‘I Tried To Pay Them As Much As I Could.”

Ralek Gracie On Royler vs Eddie 2 @Metamoris: ‘I Tried To Pay Them As Much As I Could.”



Metamoris 2 organizer Ralek Gracie talked to BJJrants.com about how he put the event together and how he was able to convince Royler and Eddie to rematch:

BJJ Rants: Metamoris 3 is going back to its original concept of no judges and submission only. Will there be rules or penalties to force progression in order to avoid instances of the Schaub/ Cyborg incident?

RG: We are working on that but have not come to a clear way to define stalling. Although it seems easy to define the moment you add a rule you open up the possibility for someone to use that rule in their favor in some way. I think what Schaub did was not my style and to me was not honorable but i can understand when someone says that Cyborg should have got up and forced him down. We are working on a happy medium and are open to email suggestions at any time. 

 BJJ Rants: Let’s say we have the ability of time travel, and we’re able to create the ultimate Metamoris card. What would this card look like? Most importantly who will be in the main event?

 RG:  I think the future athletes of Metamoris will be pure submission artists of the highest dynamic potential and mental capacity. I am open to the main event being the best of the best within that time. Of course seeing someone like Rickson or BJ Penn would be great!

BJJ Rants: What ever happened to Kron’s Metamoris title match? Is that something still in the works or not any more since he is focusing in MMA in Japan later this August?

 RG: He changed gears because he felt the MMA bug. We had an exclusive contract with him for more fights but we want him to be happy so we let him go. 

BJJ Rants: Can please share how you were to do what so many organizations failed to do, bring us the rematch Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo 2? When you approached the two about the possibility of a rematch what were the legends first reaction to your proposal?

RG: I think they both know that we are an organization that takes very seriously the thing they both love so much, and I just treat them fairly. I know it’s a valuable match so I tried to pay them as much as I could. 

 BJJ Rants: If Bravo vs Gracie 2 were to end in a draw would you grant an over time round ?

 RG: No, that would be cool in theory but then what? Why not two or three over time rounds? Why not make the match 45 minutes or an hour. That’s not necessary. Bravo beat Royler in under 20 minutes before why can’t we see a sub in under 20 again? It’s 5 minutes less than a UFC title fight with no breaks. It’s plenty…

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Metamoris is $10 until January 31st then $20 after that. Visit  http://www.metamoris.com/live-stream for more info.