Pro Surfer Patrick Beven On Combining The Surfing & Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle


Born in Brazil, Patrick Beven began surfing at eight years old. He moved to France at twelve to dedicate his life to surfing. There he built up his reputation as a well-trained, powerful surfer on the ASP World Qualifying Series and was classified as a formidable opponent on the World Championship Tour.

Patrick has spent his life in the water and realized his first professional victory at the 2003 Onbongo Pro WQS 6-star in Brazil. In 2009 he eliminated some of the best surfers of the world like Joel Parkinson and Bobby Martinez to take 3rd in the ASP WCT Quiksilver pro France to confirm his potential. Patrick is a purple in BJJ under his brother Yannick Beven (BJJ black belt). In this interview with BJJ Eastern Europe talks about how he combines the Surf and Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle: 

1. Hi Patrick, can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ Community of Eastern Europe? 

I’ m Patrick Beven an am thirty years old. I’m  a purple belt in BJJ under my brother and master Yannick Beven. I come from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and I train 4 times a week in the Moskova dojo in Capbreton, France. I’m training BJJ now for the past 8 to 10 years but I was much more focused in my professional surfer career. Winning ASP World Qualification Series 8 times, 2 time European champ open, 1 time junior European champ and tried in the quicksilver pro france in the WCT event.

Patrick modeling the new Moskova BJJ Gi

Patrick modeling the new Moskova BJJ Gi

2. Please tell us about your Surf and Jiu-Jitsu story?

I began to practice surfing and Jiu jitsu with my big brother and he always was a model for me. I always followed him on his choices. I started surfing at 8 years old in Brazil and bjj at 19 n years old in France.

3. Your brother Yannick is a BJJ black belt and also a famous surfer and coach, please tell us more about him. 

My brother Yannick has always been an amazing athlete. I think he was the first professional surfer with a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

Patrick and Yannick's BJJ academy

Patrick and Yannick’s BJJ academy

4. Who are other famous surfers that you know that train BJJ?

A lot of professional surfers practice Bjj for example like Joel Tudor, Kelly Slater, Dustin Barca, Mickael Picon.

5. Please tell us about your BJJ academy and team in Capbreton.

The interesting think with this project, Yannick has developed a brand new life style with a mix of the bjj training and the surfing and from there everything started. With all the best professional European surfers, they all want to join us on this new world of training  and this incredible life style. After this many good things will happen in the academy and family, surf and bjj camps etc…..

Patric Beven

Patric Beven

6. What are the benefits of training BJJ for a pro surfer like you?

My brother Yannick created a special training adapted for the professional surfer with Yoga, Balance, ginastica natural. The benefits of this training is the explosivety, the balance of your body and the strong development of the mental and the body. That’s exactly what we need in surfing.

7. If you want to thank somebody or sponsors, feel free

I would like to thank my brother Yannick and Ze Marcello, Ricardo Arona and Pierre Agnes the Quicksilver European boss.

8. Thanks Patrick and all the best!

Thanks for the opportunity to speak about our life style.

Video about Patrick’s brother Yannick and about his BJJ/ surfing lifestyle: