Polish grappler Asia Kiki (Joanna Ogrodnik): “I like challenges, I’m a Psycho”


1.Asia can you please introduce yourself to the Eastern European BJJ community? 

My name is Joanna Ogrodnik, BJJ purple belt since 2010, I train now in wrestling club LKS Dąb Brzeznica and I work as a trainer in a gym.
My main accomplishments:

2. How did you hear about BJJ and how did you start training?

I saw “choke” about Rickson Gracie, I was sure that this is what I wanted to train in my life  I started to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the start of 2008. My first competition was the Championship of Silesia, which somehow I won (three submission all by mata leo/ RNC) and I think that is why I liked it so much.

3. You are a frequent competitor. What is about competition that you like so much?

It probably depends on individual preferences. I like challenges and i am psycho;) i can not wait for the fight

4. How is the female bjj scene in Poland in comparison to the male? Are there many competitors for you in your weight class?

No, There aren’t that many. Frequently in competition they mix categories of weights / belts for women, because there aren’t so many. But it is getting better with time. More and more women are convinced it is a great sport for the girls.

5. Who are the best female BJJ players in Poland in your opinion?

Karolina Zawodnik

6. Please tell us more about the modelling work you have been doing.

This was not modeling;). I did sessions for Maddog and C2F because they are my sponsors. I am not and I was never a model

7.Who are your favorite fighters?

Aslambek Saidov

8. Where do you see yourself and your bjj career in 5 years time?

In mma I hope. If God will give me health I would like to train it.

9. Please say one word to describe the following people:

Gabi Garcia: extremely strong
Kyra Gracie: extremely pretty
Cris Cyborg: to much of a masculine look
Marius Linke: my master, first and the best in Poland I will always respect him

10. Thanks Asia, all the best

Thank You

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