Lachlan Giles Reveals How To Improve In BJJ With Limited Time

Lachlan Giles Reveals How To Improve In BJJ With Limited Time

Wouldn’t it be great if all you could do during the day is train, think, and watch stuff about Jiu-Jitsu?

Well, there’s other stuff that needs attending to.
Such as your family, your work, your education, and all of the other obligations and hobbies you might have.

However, even with limited time, you can make heaps of progress – and do so relatively fast.
Here’s some prime advice on how to do just that, from none other than Lachlan Giles:

To progress fast with limited training time available, the thing I would recommend most people do is to emulate a high level grappler.

That grappler has already done the hard work of finding out what does and doesn’t work for a given situation.
So you just have to try to copy them.

It’s important that you choose someone who has similar attributes to yours, mainly in regards to height and flexibility.

If you are limited with time, then it’s going to be way easier if it’s someone who has broken down their game in a form of an instructional series, or if someone else has broken down their game, e.g. the BJJ Scout videos.

You could also emulate your coach:

One of the best people to emulate is your coach, as they will have the answer to any questions you may have.

Sometimes this can be tough though, as everyone in the gym is usually proficient at countering the coach’s techniques and it can take some time to start seeing results.

Most of the people reading this would benefit from doing more drilling as well, so that’s the other thing I would recommend for people to maximize their progress.

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