Kit Dale On His Preparation For Copa Podio & Representing Australia

Kit Dale On His Preparation For Copa Podio & Representing Australia



Checkmat Australia’s Kit Dale is not only of the biggest prospects in BJJ, he is also one of the funniest. He will be competing in the Copa Podio middleweight GP on  September 8. In this interview with BJJ Eastern Europe, he talks about his preparation, his expectations, and what has changed since he has gotten his black belt:

1. Hi Kit How is your preparation going for Copa Podio. What does your current training consist of?

Hey guys.. My preparation is going good.. I have been training 3-5 days a week with some of the best grapplers in Aus I can find.. And they have been working me hard.. And also training every night with my own students.. And two sessions of wrestling a week..

2. What are your expectations coming in to this tournament?

I am a very new black belt I haven’t got any expectations of this tournament.. My goal is to go in there and put on some good performances.. Regardless if I will or lose I want my fights to be enjoyable..


Copa Podio middleweight GP

3. What does it mean for you to represent Australian BJJ?

It is an honour.. I love this tournament and to be selected to fight was amazing especially considering how new I am to black belt and the sport..

4. What has changed for you since you got the black belt?

My mind set.. Instead if putting pressure on my self to win in Brown Belt.. I’m now just concentration on putting on good fights.. Regardless if I win or lose I want people to say man I love watching him fight!

kit dale

5. After Copa Podio, what is next for you in 2013/2014?

I fly to Japan for the Asian Open.. Then to LA for the no-Gi worlds.. That and of coarse my beauty pageant competitions

6. You are always posting funny videos, how do you get time to train so much?

Well truth is I don’t train that much.. Most days I do one session a day unless training for a big comp.. So I have a lot of time on my hands.. Plus most the videos I make take 2 seconds to think of and 7 seconds to film haha

7. Who are the best guys you have rolled with so far?

Antonio Carlos Junior, Yuri Simoes, Marcos Souza and Roberto Setoshi would be some of the best guys I’ve rolled with lately and some of the best friends I have..

8. If you want to thank Sponsors, feel free

I’d like to thank my sponsors.. MA1 and Kapai Puku.. Plus thanks to all my fans.. And make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram at Kit Dale BJJ and subscribe to my YouTube Chanel kitwarchilddale.. Thanks guys.. Ossss

9. Thanks Kit and all the best.