Interview With Hakim Gouram, Belgian-Morrocan BJJ Black Belt World Champion



Hakim Gouram is not that well known in the non-French/ Dutch speaking BJJ comunity. With such a distinguished list of accomplishments, he really deserves more recognition. Since 2002, he has won all the major European and Brazilian competitions all the way to black belt. At black belt he has won and placed in major competitions like Rio Open or Copa do Mundo.  This ultra heavyweight Belgian-Morrocan has even made a name for himself in MMA. In this interview with BJJ Eastern Europe, hakim talks about his BJJ story and his futur plans:

Hi Hakim can you introduce yourself to the BJJ community of Eastern Europe?

Hello guys my name is Hakim Gouram, I was born 30 April 1977 in Brussels, Belgium. i’m a 2nd degree BJJ black belt (graduated in 2008) I was 3x winner of the Copa Do Mundo, 4 X vice-world champions 3X European Champion and 3x Vice European Champion
My MMA record is 23 pro fights I won 3 by KO and 16 fby submission, I’ve fough in K 1, It’s Showtime, Cage warrior, BIC, Golden Glory, Lommel free fight, Ring of fire ….. ….
I train martial arts as diverse as kick boxing, boxing …

Hakim facing Romulo Barral at the 2012 Rio Open

Hakim facing Romulo Barral at the 2012 Rio Open

Please tell us about how you started BJJ?

I have an unusual journey in BJJ. I started jiu-jitsu in 2002, I immediately was hooked and in 2004, I had the opportunity to go to Brazil for four months of intensive training to prepare for the World Championships (blue belt).From that there was no looking back. I dedicated my life to BJJ.

Tell us about your academies.

In Belgium: The academy has more and more members of all ages and all cultures. We teach young people to respect the differences. I am part of the “Najah” association that organizes for the past 13 years the open BJJ championship of Belgium. The number of registered competitors continues to increase, we have fighters who come from all over Europe and even Brazilians competing.
In Morocco: This is all new, I am the official coach of the national team of Morocco for MMA. It’s a whole new federation. I will lead the Moroccans living in Europe and in Morocco. by September everything will be official. I very often travel abroad for training.


What is next for you in 2013/2014?

My goals for the end of 2013 is to resume fighting in MMA, it’s a sport that I particularly like, to win you must master the different techniques of martial arts. To follow my movements you can visit my facebook.

Complete results:

Vice Champion in the WORLD CUP 2012 ( + 97 kg Black belt class ) RIO-BRAZILice
ChampionVIC 2011 (+96 Kg Class) Paris- France
Champion Catégory +97kgTournoi Naga 2010 Paris- France
Champion Absolute -Tournoi NAGA 2010- Paris – France
2° place in theVIC 2010 ( + 95 kg class ) in Paris – France
3° place in theVIC 2010 ( Open class ) in Paris – France
3° place in the European BJJ Cup 2009 ( Black belt adult -99kg class ) in Lisbon-Portugal
Champion -99,9kg class ADCC Belgian trial 2008
Champion in the Newaza ofYerres ( France ) +99kg
Champion in the FILA Belgium Open 2008 ( -125kg class )
2° place in the European BJJ Cup 2008 ( Black belt adult -97kg class ) in Lisbon – Portugal
CHAMPION in theWORLD CUP 2007 ( +97 kg Brown belt class ) RIO-BRAZIL
2° place in theWORLD CUP 2007 ABSOLUTE ( Brown belt class )RIO – BRAZIL
CHAMPION in the ADCC Belgian Qualif 2006 ( -99kg class )
CHAMPION in theWORLD CUP 2006 ABSOLUTE ( Purple belt class) RIO-BRAZIL
2° place in theWORLD CUP 2006 ( -97kg Purple belt class ) RIO-BRAZIL
CHAMPION -91kg in the European Cup 2005 ( in Lisbon – Portugal )
CHAMPION in theWORLD CUP 2004 ( Salvador-Bahia / Brazil ) in the -97kg class
3° place in theWORLD CUP 2004 ( Salvador-Bahia / Brazil ) in the ABSOLUTE class
Champion in the French Open of BJJ 2004 ( + 91kg class )
2° in the Grappling of Luxemburg 2004 ( Elite open class )
3° in the BJJ of Luxemburg 2004 ( Elite open class )
2° in the Belgian BJJ open 2004 ( +91 kg )
Champion + 90 kg in the Grappling International of Paris 2004
Champion + 91 kg in the Dutch BJJ Open 2003
Champion + 91 kg European BJJ cup 2003