Felipe Pena: “I Was A Little Chubby 15 Year Old Boy… I Did Not Like Sports At All”

Felipe Pena: “I Was A Little Chubby 15 Year Old Boy… I Did Not Like Sports At All”

Everyone’s got to start somewhere… Even the biggest of champions had to, such as Felipe Pena – who, self-admittedly, didn’t really like sports before he started training BJJ.

In fact, he didn’t like BJJ as a sport in the beginning either. But he liked the environment, liked the people, and enjoyed chatting with others.
So much so, actually, that he’d skip the rolls anytime he had a chance to; which is why his coach, Draculino, gave him the nickname „Preguiça“ – which means „Lazy“.

Pena spoke about it all in an interview with BJJEE:

When I started training Jiu-Jitsu, I used to be a little chubby 15 year old boy… I did not like sports at all.

I did not like Jiu-Jitsu in the beginning, but what I did love was the environment, all the jokes, the friends and I loved simply being on the mats.
So, I was on the mats – but whenever I had a chance to skip the rolls and stay on the wall talking, I took it. So Draculino gave me that nickname [Preguiça].

Pena didn’t enjoy that nickname, but as it is the case with nicknames – they stick even more if you don’t like them:

I definitely didn’t like it; but, in Brazil, when you don’t like your nickname that’s when it actually sticks with you (laughs).

After awhile I fell in love with the sport and started training seriously, competing more and more, but that nickname stayed with me (laughs).

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