Felipe Costa On IBJJF’s New Qualifying Rules For Black Belts & Cash Prizes

Felipe Costa On IBJJF’s New Qualifying Rules For Black Belts & Cash Prizes


From February 2014, IBJJF has changed the qualification rules for the 2015 Worlds. Points earned in competition in the adult division, will count to qualify for the 2015 Worlds, under the new qualifying rules set by the Federation.

Because the World Championship is the most prestigious event of the Jiu-Jitsu calendar, IBJJF wants that only the most accomplished athletes have a chance for the title.

Athletes eligible to participate in the 2015 World will be:

– Black belts with minimum of 50 points in the IBJJF black belt adult ranking

– Former Black Belt adult World champions

– 2014 Brown Belt World Champions (all weight divisions)

Here is what he said in an interview with BJJ protocol about these changes:

BJJ Protocol : What is your opinion on the future for athletes from your team in the Worlds 2015 and onwards?

Felipe Costa : The future will be the same … Just so they can fight the world, they will have to stand out more. That whole thing will end up being you going on a holiday in California and enjoying fighting the worlds . Now only the best will go .

BJJ Protocol : These new rules should have more credibility among athletes ?

Felipe Costa : I think it’s only fair that the best global athletes should qualify. This would avoid some categories being stacked and champions having to 7 or 8 fights to win.. . I think , particularly , more than 5 fights to be champion is absurd. In this respect the rule come has come in a good time .
On the other hand, it really will not be easy for anyone to afford all those trips to various IBJJF tournaments to accumulate these points .
The IBJJF should show how serious they are about taking this a step further and implementing surprise doping tests.
If they did , then yes the current scenario of Jiu-Jitsu would change . It looks like an old complaint, but it’s amazing how some people do mind about it.

BJJ Protocol : If the professional World Pro in Abu Dhabi (with prize money) was held the same day as the IBJJF Worlds , Where would Brasa send their athletes ?

Felipe Costa : There is only one worlds , the IBJJF , the rest is just the same name .
As any BJJ athlete which worlds they would like to win and see what they answer.
The rest is just the same name . The fact that the World Pro  gives money does not make it better, nor do they have all weight classes nor anti – doping controls , but answering the question , my athletes have free will of where to compete.

BJJ Protocol : Do team leaders have some responsibility for the conduct of professionalization ?

Felipe Costa : In my team, my responsibility is to teach Jiu-Jitsu and to try to install good moral values ​​among our athletes.
regarding IBJJF ? It’s the simplest thing in the world , who does not agree with , do not support them . Simple .