Felipe Costa: “I Regularly Organize ‘Lighweights Only’ Training Sessions.”


BJJ World Champion, Felipe Costa recently talked about lightweights only training sessions in an interview with BJJ Pix.com 

BJJPix – Do you think training with heavier opponents is making a mistake in jiu jitsu?
Felipe – I think it’s very important training with heavier opponent but there is a limit to everything. What is the necessity of someone weighing 60kg training with someone weighing over 80kgs? Of course, from time to time, yes, but I believe, based on my own experience, that the risk of injuring oneself are well higher than the benefits that this kind of training can bring.” Read full interview

In this video, Felipe Costa a member of the Brasa team and a roosterweight competitor (58kg) — talks about the obstacles he had to overcome and the methods he used to rise to the top. He describes the sports psychology tricks he applied to win tournaments, and explains how he approaches his training as a smaller jiu-jitsu player. We also see some rolling footage from his ‘light guys only’ training sessions, get-togethers reserved for jiu-jitsu players under 73kg.