Exclusive interview with Braulio Estima: “Polish BJJ is top 3 in Europe”

Great video interview of World BJJ and ADCC champion Braulio Estima made by my friends at http://www.grapplerinfo.pl/

Braulio was recently in Poland at Copacabana Academy in Warsaw where he conducted a seminar and also promoted 3 new black belts as well as 7 brown belts, and numerous purple and blues. Braulio and his brother Victor, both have emotional bonds to Poland as both their wives are Polish.
In this video, Braulio talks about his plans and his brother Victor. He also discusses his Polish Black Belt Student Norbert Nowak, and rates the Polish BJJ scene, saying that it is for sure among the best in Europe. “Second or third in Europe”

Here is a video of Braulio sparring with Jan Blachowicz: