Eduardo Goncalves On Growth of BJJ in UK & His Competition Lifestyle

Eduardo Goncalves On Growth of BJJ in UK & His Competition Lifestyle


BJJEE spoke Eduardo Gonçalves, aka ‘Edu’, a BJJ black belt under Francisco ‘Toco’ Albuquerque (Nova Geração). He is one of fiercest  featherweights in Europe having medalled in all the major IBJJF and UAEJJF competitions in Europe.

1. Edu, tell us about your academy in London?

I am currently working for London well known gym LondonShootfighters in Canary Wharf. Since 2014 I have been working with existing and new students to improve and create our future champions. My students win almost every BJJ competition and their success is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of each of my members. This year we have achieved more than ever and I could not be more proud of them!

2. What is a typical training week for you like?

My weekly routine consists of doing two sessions per day of BJJ training. Twice a week I intensify my training with a session of strength and condition and I take part in the exclusive brown and black belts training called Black Thursday.


3. What do you think of the growth of BJJ in UK?

When I first moved to England, back in 2008, BJJ was not popular as now, in fact after all these years I see more athletes and BJJ instructors moving to the UK from all over the world to live and open new gyms or just to participate in many recognized UK BJJ competitions. I often compete in the UK and I personally see how this sport has been growing in the last decade and how media and more athletes divert their attention to BJJ in UK.

4 How do you see bjj developing in uk in the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I see this sport close to be recognised as one of the top sports in the UK and as an instructor and athlete I am proud to be part of this amazing BJJ growth and history. I also hope to see the next generation be more involved in this incredible sport.


5. Tell us about your recent bjj competitions and MMA fights

My latest competitions had been a success in fact I won the following:
Rome- Italy at the European NO GI
Gothenburg-Sweden at the Open NO GI
London –UK at the British national NO Gi
Just to name a few.
Regarding my MMA fight I fought and won both fights in UCMMA in Norwich by submission and WCMMA in London by TKO.

6. What is next for you in 2015/2016

Although my gym is based in London and Ipswich, 2015 was a great year to travel for seminars around the world, for example I went often to Italy and Germany. Also my focus for 2016 will be to fight more competitions and involve my students in every BJJ events. In fact I am planning to fight the European IBJJF, World Championship and Pan Americans.

7. Feel free to thank sponsors and friends

I would like to thank everyone who believed in me and have always encouraged me to push myself, my students from London and Dynamo Fight Sport, my business and training partners in Londonshootfighter and Black Thursday. Also I would like to thank Aesthetic my sponsor. And finally I would like to thank my girlfriend, Maria, and all my friends and family from Rio de Janeiro, they have always inspired me to do my best and have supported me in every decision I have made.