Brazilian Brown Belt Champ Victor Silverio: “GFTeam Has The Highest Level Of Jiu-Jitsu In The World.”

Brazilian Brown Belt Champ Victor Silverio: “GFTeam Has The Highest Level Of Jiu-Jitsu In The World.”

1. Hi Victor, can you please introduce yourself to the BJJ Community of Eastern Europe? 

Hello guys from Eastern Europe, my name is Victor Silvério from Brazil, representing GFTeam, I’m 21 years old, I was in last year in top 10 brown belts in the world, I’m World Pro champion, Brazilian Nationals champion (gi and nogi), 2x Rio Open champion, NY Open champion, Dallas Open champion, 3x Abu Dhabi Trials champions.

2. What’s your Jiu-Jitsu story? 

I started in 2006 at 14 years old, but the things just got serious in 2007, when I started to compete. I became to jiu-jitsu inspired by Vitor Belfort, Royce Gracie, Ricardo Arona. Jiu-Jitsu really changed my life, because i was a messy kid, and after of jiu-jitsu I became quiet and disciplined .

3. At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to dedicate your life to Jiu-jitsu? What are your other interest apart from Jiu-Jitsu. Do you have time to a have a normal social life with all the training and competing.

Probably after of my first competition, I realized that jiujitsu was to be my profession, it was to be the reason of my life. I study, I’m doing college of Physical Education, and I don’t have a social life like my friends, but I have in my way a social life, I try to go to the beach, Play longboard, go to restaurants and stuffs like that.

4. How does the trainings at GF Team compare to other academies where you have trained. How do trainings at Team Lloyd irvin compare with the level at GF Team for example?

Probably GFTeam level is the highest of the world. At Lloyd Irvin for example, they have a real tough training, but they don’t have a human material like us, we have purple, brown and black belts of all kind of games, you can find all kind of guard players, and all kind of guard passers.

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5. In your opinion, how do regional US IBJJF tournaments at brown belt like NY Open, Dallas In Open (where you competed) comapre in terms of level to regional tournaments in Brazil (Like Rio Estadual for ex)

That’s a great point, because I think in Brazil these regionals tournaments are really really tougher than the US. I think here in Brazil we have a lot of guys that don’t have conditions to go to US, some guys that really could win a World championship.

6. You have trained and competed in the US and also Abu Dhabi. What do you have to say to people that say that Southern California is now the Place with the highest level of BJJ (compared to Rio)?

I have to say they are wrong. They trying to put the jiu-jitsu world there, but i think the most talented jiu-jitsu fighters are still here, the best training is still here, but America an Europe is getting big fast, and soon they gonna stay in the same level as here. The culture of jiu-jitsu in Brazil here is really big, of 4 people here 1 does jiu-jitsu, is something huge. Is not like Soccer, but is kind of.

7. where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’m gonna be the best in my division in the black belt and one of the bests in open class, i can see that. I can see myself teaching and passing my knowledge to my students, building champions in tournament and in life too, like my master taught me.

8. Please tell us about the coaching style of Professor Julio Cesar.

Probably, he is the best coach of history of jiu-jitsu. He understand all parts of his athletes, like technical, the feelings, the mind, he knows everything of jiu-jitsu. He is referee just to learn more of jiu-jitsu, to learn more of our opponents, can you understand how big is this attitude? He cares about yours problems, even if was in your home. He is 100% focused, to make you a better person.

9. You recently participated in the Brown Belt Kumite. What are your impressions from the whole experience, and Team Lloyd Irvin?

I went for there with one mind and came back with other. I really growth there, was a great experience to my life, of course I expected more, but God know what he does, and I gonna remember what I passed there all this year, and my motivation right now is on the top! I did friends there, the Lloyd Irvin Team have a great guys, like Frank, Keenan, Jimmy, Mike, a lot of good guys.

10. If you want to thank somebody or sponsors, feel free

I wanna say thanks to Shoyoroll, to always stay in my side, supporting me even in the bad moments, thanks guys, i gonna give my best this year. And I gonna say to my fans, you can trust me this year, I’m going just for win. No more losers this year, my mind now is other, now I can say I have a champion’s mind!

11. Thanks Victor and all the best!

Thank you guys!