Braulio Estima: “ADCC Is Like Our Olympics. I Intend To Defend My Title And Stay Even Longer.”



ADCC champion in 2011 , Braulio Estima will once again participate in the largest grappling tournament in the world , which will be held this weekend in China. ‘Carcará’ will have a superfight against an old acquaintance : André Galvão .

In an interview with tatame , the Gracie Barra black belt talked about his training to defend the title and talked about the help of experts like Marcelo Garcia and Renzo Gracie .

Estima has already beaten Galvao this year at the IBJJF worlds and expects Galvao to want payback.

How was the training with Marcelo Garcia in New York ?

I trained in several places this time . I trained with my students in Abu Dhabi , and in New Yorkwith Renzo ( Gracie ) , Ricardo Almeida , Marcelo , Fabio Gurgel , Gabi Garcia and the rest . My camp was great .

You and André Galvão faced off this year . Do you think he will change some strategy to beat you ?

I think he should come up with something different for this fight , but I believe we will go to the ground , which is our natural game. He has sharp wrestling and I trained a lot this part too. Galvão is very dangerous for the top and bottom. I will take advantage of loopholes .

How do you plan to impose your game to get the win ?

I worked hard to have great cardio all the time . I’m feeling good standing, underneath, over side and upside down ( laughs ) . Let’s see what happens .

The ADCC has a special meaning in your career. What is the importance of this championship to you ?

The ADCC is like our Olympics . It is special. Not everyone who comes to fight can join the superfight . It does not come easy and I feel honored to defend my title for another year . I intend to stay longer too.

Who is your favorite in the male absolute ?

It’s hard to name names in a championship like the ADCC , but the absolute always has some surprises . There are some dangerous guys , but a guy that I’m dying to see fighting in the absolute is João Miyao!