Ana Carolina Schmitt: “Always Seek To See The Positive”

Ana Carolina Schmitt: “Always Seek To See The Positive”

The path of Jiu-Jitsu, albeit exciting, is rarely an easy one. Fatigue creeps up on you, injuries surprise you when they’re least expected, and the motivation for training often fades in comparison to what it used to be. And you need to keep in mind that these things will happen to you; but also, that you should nevertheless always seek out to see the positive in whatever happens.
Don’t take it from us – but take it from Ana Carolina Schmitt, who’s one of the most elite BJJ athletes today:

How I handle my injuries is by trying not to make them into a big deal. I try not to make injuries into something that will influence my mind in a negative fashion, but I try to make them into a growing thing, one that will make me better.
You see, injuries are not going to end my life, they’re not going to make me quit sports – it’s just another obstacle or a barrier that I have to face. And for some reason or another, they happen, and they happen because I’m „going after it“.

I try to be positive about my injuries, even though I’m not always successful in that (laughs). Sometimes it’s really hard and painful, but… My advice is to always seek to see the positive.
To always have a positive outlook on anything that happens in your life. If you see it that way, you will be so much better off.


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Ana also emphasizes that you must not turn injuries into an excuse for not training:

And, of course, you cannot turn an injury into an excuse for not training. You have to continue on training and do so at the best of your abilities, you know? If you cannot do something, then you have got to find a way around it.

Like, after one of my knee surgeries, I had to change my game a little bit, because I wasn’t able to do a lot of moves. And this was not a problem, you know? I was capable of becoming a world champ despite a very bad injury. So, this is possible if you just try to see the positive side in everything.
In everything in your life, doesn’t matter what it is – it’s the positive outlook that makes a difference and that says that you can handle everything. Don’t use excuses for anything. Just do your best.

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