2013 World BJJ Champ Augusto Tanquinho: “I’m Sticking To My Word, I’m Dropping BJJ For A While & Moving To MMA.”


Source: translated from Portuguese from www.meiaguarda.com.br

The IBJJF World Championships 2013 was a whirlwind of emotions. One of those great moments was in the final of the featherweight when Augusto Tanquinho tried sweeping Rafael Mendes who defended himself, but with a quick maneuver the black belt of Soul Fighters went for a takedown and won by advantages (2-2 on points 2 1 in adbantages). He spoke with MeiaGuarda and talked about the move that won him gold, and the tips from his girlfriend Mackenzie Dern at the event:

Where you expecting this great a performance in the Worlds?

Augusto Tanquinho – I trained hard to become champion and knew that I had to overcome great odds to achieve my goal, regarding my opponents, I know all of them and know the quality of each one of them, but I believe so much in my training and in my team and training partners.

In all your fights, you listened to Mackenzie Dern who was guiding you. How was it to receive instructions from your girlfriend?

Being guided by Mackenzie was great. She is a great athlete with a vision of Jiu-Jitsu that is out of the ordinary, she has an impressive speed of thought! I really am a lucky guy to have had her with me and also have Megaton, Rafael Formiga and guys from Soul Fighters also helping out, each in a strategic position to help me! I ​​was very happy by the vibration of all the other teams in the gym, and want to thank everyone who was there and cheered so much to me! Thank you it was exciting.

What are the next goals?

Now I will focus on MMA a bit, had said that before the World Cup, win or lose I will focus on MMA for a while, but I’m not retiring from Jiu-Jitsu, it will be a while, but whenever possible I will fight. I would love to fight ADCC in China this year in over 66kg, but now I can only hope for an invitation.

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