Check That Ego At the Door: Workout Tips

Check That Ego At the Door: Workout Tips



Before tackling a new workout regimen that is directed towards improving your grappling skills, you must eliminate your ego! For a real in depth look at doing just that Funk’s workout is great. To see another element of the material jump on over to this article after you’ve finished this! 

If you ever want to improve at something and become better at it, then you have to admit your weakness and know your limits in order to break them, surpass those limitations, and improve upon your foundational skills.

The second it gets tough, you can’t pack it in and walk away when your ego says “we’re good!”  You have to fight through the discomfort and take that next step, always willing to improve no matter the cost.

By focusing on the proper workout schedule, you should improvements instantly.


Pushing Yourself In Order To Redefine Your Limits

There are some many benefits that come from a good workout that it’s hard to even pick a place to start.  Of course, the obvious is that it will develop you as an athlete and open doors that otherwise wouldn’t have opened had you not developed a strong strength & conditioning schedule.

No matter what type of workout you have planned, doing the same thing over and over again can lead to what’s called the plateau effect.  This is when your body and muscle groups become so accustomed to the specific workouts that overtime, you start to see diminish in your returns.

This means you have to do two things: switch up your works and be willing to push yourself!  When you are exercising—especially for sport specific purposes such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—you must train each day like you have something to prove to yourself.

Each day that appears on the calendar is another chance for you to step up to the plate and take your game to the next level.  It’s one thing to have the proper skill set that competitive BJJ calls for, but it’s a totally different spin on things when you have improved strength and conditioning.

It’s the time you’re willing to put in off of the mat that will pay major dividends on the mat!

Finding Practicality In Your Workouts

I’m a fitness junkie.  If you workout just to workout, that’s awesome because I believe in the saying that “health is wealth,” however, you can’t just workout for the sake of working out if you are looking to become a better grappler.

Lifting weights all day and running long distances will do little to nothing for your overall game, so knowing how to find the workouts that will cater to your skills is something that every grappler should focus on in order to truly take the next step in their grappling journey!

Find drills that will force your heart to work and improve your cardio in intervals as opposed to running miles on end.  When was the last time you ran in a straight line without stopping during a match?  Exactly.

Also, by adding explosive strength workouts that focus on the body parts most commonly used in grappling, you will start to add a new wrinkle to your game that translates directly to the mat!  For instance, emphasizing hip mobility and core strength is something that relates to almost any aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is certainly something that you should look into adding to your arsenal.

Dan Faggella