Junk Food Has Its Place in a Grappler’s Diet

Junk Food Has Its Place in a Grappler’s Diet

So, you’ve decided to throw out junk food from your diet. You might do it because you believe that getting rid of it will make you into a better, healthier jiujiteiro – or you do it because you simply want to lose a bit of weight. Whatever the reason is, you tell yourself: „That’s it, no more unhealthy and junk food until the end of my life!“
The days, maybe even a week or two, go by and you stay unshakable in your decision. But then… Then the unthinkable happens – you find yourself looking at the bottom of that which once used to be a box full of ice-cream and think to yourself: „Oh man, not again!“

Let’s face it: junk food is delicious. All those cheeseburgers, chocolates (without raisins, please), McDonald’s chicken nuggets, brownies… It makes your mouth filled with water just by thinking about it, doesn’t it? It’s impossible to ignore that it is just so tasty.
So, here’s an unpopular opinion: if have already made unsuccessful attempts to cut out junk food and you like the way it tastes, then why continue trying to stop eating it? Instead, what you can do is that you can acknowledge its impeccable deliciousness and feel free to indulge… But, here’s the thing: indulge on the days you’ve scheduled for it.

That’s correct. It is possible to continue eating junk food, to lose weight and to keep getting better in Jiu Jitsu all at the same time. But that is only possible if you schedule in your cheat days, where you’ll allow yourself to eat whatever you want; as long as you continue eating clean on the other days and training hard throughout the week, burning the necessary calories.
Have it pre-planned. For example, if you know that you’ll be going out with your friends and family on Saturday and Sunday, plan to eat in on those days – but stay clean during all others. That way, you know that you’ll be eating your favorite McDonald’s meal sometime during the week and so you won’t have to keep on leading a constant internal battle whenever you think about junk food, fighting to stay in control over your overambitious decision. Instead, you’ll keep on achieving your grappling goals, while staying happy at the same time and not being overly stressed about evading junk food.

What’s most important is that you’re clear with yourself. If you think that you can go totally without junk food, then by all means try it. But if you see that this sort of an approach simply doesn’t work for you and that you give in to cravings, then there’s no shame in it. You just need to change your tactics.

„Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“ If you see that something doesn’t work for you, it is better to go with the flow by adjusting yourself to get the maximum possible results. So, feel free to eat junk food every once in a while – but stay disciplined about it.

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