Andre Galvao’s Advice For Preventing Burnout: “Take Care Of Your Mind”

Andre Galvao’s Advice For Preventing Burnout: “Take Care Of Your Mind”

Burnout from training is a real threat to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students. Especially for those who are infatuated with the Gentle Art so much that they would like to train all day, every day. So, you (yes, you – we know how much you love BJJ) have to be careful. You must avoid burnout at all costs if you want to keep moving forward.

Andre Galvao understands the dangers of burnout all too well. His advice for avoiding it has to do with mental hygiene:

There are so many ways to prevent burnout from training. Other than rest well between practices, having a good training plan/schedule, and eating well… You have to take care of your mind.

He shares what he does personally:

I really like outdoors activities, it helps me a lot on keeping myself in a good mood. God is perfect, nature connection is important to everyone.
Be thankful while doing it!

There needs to be a balance. And it would be a wise idea to take a full day of rest every week:

You can’t just work work work work, train, train, train, you have to find a good balance. Surfing, beach volley, swimming, running etc can really help you to recovery your mind while restoring your body. Even if you aren’t an athlete… You have to do it!

Taking one full day off per week is also important. That way you can be always well rested and ready to work hard throughout the week. Don’t get into the workaholic trap… You will feel miserable.
The key is to be happy, thankful… With gratitude and mental health.


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