Overlooked & Undervalued: The Importance of Grip Strength For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Overlooked & Undervalued: The Importance of Grip Strength For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu




There are many things that get overlooked when it comes to being a good grappler.  One such thing is your grip strength.

There are plenty of ways to go about working on it, however, the most efficient way is by using the Finger Master.

However, before you know how it works, you have to know why it’s important.

How Grip Strength Can Benefit Your Game

Grip strength is something that you won’t hear stressed heavily when you enter your gym and begin training.  While this is understandable, we don’t normally give it much thought at the onset of our young grappling lives.

However, once you progress is imperative that you know just why grip strength is a tool that should be brought into your game!  Some of the many benefits turn out to be rather important when you look at the big picture.

For instance, if you compete in Gi based competitions, and then you rely heavily on being able to grip your opposition.  Having a Gi is a plus and a minus, because it allows you to be stalled and your attacks are rendered useless if your opponent is able to get a good grip on it.

Likewise, it can be used a useful tool that you can implement onto your opponent by stifling their progression, and bring the match to where you want it to be.

Also, it can help when you are looking to lock on submission holds late in the match.  As you compete longer, you obviously begin to sweat more, which in turn makes applying submission increasingly difficult.

The stronger your grip is, the more likely you are to get hold of the submission.  While it won’t eliminate the poor grip factor completely, it will certainly make it a little easier on you when you look to finish the match late in the round.


The Best Way To Enhance Grip Strength

As someone who is deeply involved in the fitness and sport science approach of athletics, there are plenty of ways you can go about enhancing your grip strength, making sure that you become a fearful grappler.

You could go to the gym, grab two towels, and bang out some pull-ups; this is a good way to improve your grip.  Or, you could also do a farmers carry which is when you take a heavy dumbbell in each hand and walk a certain distance.

While these two approaches work perfectly, they also do a number on your hands.

A much more proficient—and effective—way to improve your grip strength is by using the Finger Master.


A simple tool, the finger master is designed to improve your gripping ability in the most efficient way possible.  By taking the device and placing it in your hand, you can push down on one of five triggers.

Each trigger is padded, making the actual pressing of the trigger an easy experience.  Once you begin to improve upon your grips, you can begin to enhance the resistance level by simply adjusting the knobs on each of the triggers, which can either add or take away the resistance you are using.

At the end of the day, it will not only get your grips stronger, but do less damage on your hands.

If you find yourself interested in the Grip Master, you can purchase it >>HERE!

Dan Faggella