Interview With Benoit Caron, Owner Of Kraken Fightwear Company


Kraken Fightwear is a European Fightwear brand that produces BJJ Gis, t-shirts, shorts, rashguards, caps etc.. They are giving back to the community by sponsoring local and international athletes (such as Jeff Monson) and also organizing numerous BJJ/Grappling/MMA competitions and training camps. Company head Benoit Caron, talked to BJJ Eastern Europe about this fast rising company:

Can you tell us about your company Kraken Fightwear and its objectives ?

Kraken is a Fightwear brand born from the desire to offer quality products in an environment where products are rarely of good quality. Currently under development, we will soon offer an even more extensive and innovative technical products … In addition, we wish to support or create new competitions in  MMA, grappling or BJJl in Europe.


Who are your sponsored athletes, and why did you decide to sponsor them?

Currently we support Jeff Monson (UFC, ADCC, M1 …), Renée Forte (TUF UFC), Laurence Cousin (IBJJF World Champion, FILA), Thomas Loubersanes (NAGA Champion, Grapplers Quest), Nicolas Joannes (Champion SHC ), Julien da Silva (IBJJF world champion, NAGA europe champion), Marjorie Ulrich (France Judo team) Ferrid Kheder, Sylvain Potard (winner of 100% and 100% fight contenders), ETT … but we seek to support instructors such as Marcio Cromado (founder of the RFT), Manu Fernandez, Flavio Santiago …
We sponsor athletes primarily on emotional relationships  and looking for a long term relationship with them.

Jeff Monson and Bouba Balde

Jeff Monson and Bouba Balde

Tell us about the great BJJ and grappling tournaments that you organize.

The Kraken Contest seeks to provide a different competition format where teamwork is emphasized. In addition, we want our competition to not be about belt ranks, and the best will be really rewarded. We are all set to offer a great competition for practitioners!

Affiche A4 Kraken Challenge

What changes (positive and negative) have you noticed as a businessman in the world of grappling?

Changes? There are so many…To focus on Fightwear, many people have started to produce their shorts, kimonos, rashguards using Pakistan or China as manufacturers without knowing the environment and about textile products and flooding practitioners with poorly copied products without any innovations creating a negative image of Fightwear.
Our products are developed together with our athletes using products coming from sports such as rugby, American football … We do not copy, we seek to offer new cuts, textiles, stitching … In addition, our products are mainly manufactured in Portugal for reasons of quality.

How do you see your business in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 years? We want to focus on the next year and then grow organically.