BJJEE Gi Reviews: Hyperfly by DoorDie


Source: Translated from French from our friends at www.planetejjb.com (check them out)

The very popular Hyperfly Gi from DoorDie. This test is really one of those that I was the most excited about as DoorDie sponsors my favorite BJJ player Xande Ribeiro. Available at DoorDie Europe


Do Or Die is an American company based in San Diego. They produce BJJ and grappling products including the famous Hyperfly. They are sponsoring athletes of all ages and all levels including the superstar of BJJ: Xande Ribeiro.


This test was conducted with the support of their DoorDie Europe managed by Mr. Harmen from the Netherlands. Do Or Die site: contact@doordieeurope.com / www.doordieeurope.com


The Hyperfly is truly stylish. Remaining faithful to Japanese traditions, Hyperfly redesigns Jiu Jitsu gis for the next generation of athletes.

The fabric is at the same time very light and very strong (even being the strongest in the world according to the creators of Do Or Die). 2 cool patches on the level of the triceps make up the jacket with blue colors. The seams are black and they contribute to giving a great effect to the kimono.

The pants are 120z cotton which is very light with an innovation at the crotch area which allows better ventilation.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

A patch on the right leg with a full writting of HYPERFLY will give an eyeful to your partners.



– The Jacket is Pearl Weave 450 gsm super light – Built in one piece, seamless in the back – EVA foam collar – white color with black stitching – Slim fit – 12oz cotton pants – lycra inseam for better ventilation – Belt trousers with elasticated cord – 6 loops support for pants – Double reinforcement on the knees – Slim fit trousers – 3 colors available: white, black and blue + limited edition California and NY. –

Size tested: A2 White – Weight: 1,48 kgs for A2 Version – IBJJF approved.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly


The kimono comes in a beautiful small nylon bag in the colors of DO OR DIE. : Really the best effect and very convenient for storage. The jacket comes with 2 HYPERFLY patches on the sleeves and a small square logo behind the neck, the back remains simple and without patches …The triple stitching on the jacket is particularly effective to strengthen the whole assembly. The white and black contrast stitching is superb: the sleeves are covered with a black ribbon as is the tip of the skirt. The seams are on-the colors of DO OR DIE. Inside the jacket, there is the famous logo: YOU CAN’T TEACH HEART. The neck is classic cotton and reinforced with an EVA form.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly


Like the jacket, the pants are of great quality and are light. They are 12 oz with a beautiful black rope and 6 loops allow a perfect fit. The cut is fitted without being too tight. Great HYPERFLY patch on the right side and HYPERFLY logo embroidered on the left side only improve the design of the pants.  A real innovation is this piece of lycra located in the crotch to improve breathability. All seams are tripled and well reinforced. Special mention to the knees, particularly reinforced for the occasion.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly


Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

I measure 177cm and weigh 68 kgs, so the A2 size fits perfectly, the cut is great and I place in the top three with Grips and Manto.


The quality of the cotton used allows minimal shrinkage: 0.5 cm narrowing at the sleeves and skirt. The cut is adjusted which means that the jacket is not curved but adjusts to your body after washing. Same rules as for my other tests, I do not recommend the dryer unless your kimono is too big for you and for only a few washes ….For my part, four washes at 30 degrees and the cut didn’t shrink … Drying in the open air is advisable to maximize the life of your gi. Note that the kimono is not preshrunk.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly


Apart from the fact that Xande Ribeiro is my favorite BJJ player, and is also a sponsored athlete of DO OR DIE, I never get tired of this kimono: this test only confirms my idea the brand and the kimono. The mesh is considered the world’s strongest while still being light. The kimono is super light and I felt immediately at ease by trying it for the first time. No problem for mobility and the slim fit is for me the best cut: it leaves little room for your opponent to grab while giving some comfort to the user.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly



After 3 weeks of rolling, no seams have cracked and the gi resisted the pressure of my training partners (and God knows there are tough guys at Cercle Tissier in Paris). The real innovation is, with this piece of lycra located in the crotch. Highly scalable and flexible, it is a real plus for this kimono to improve air evacuation after intense sessions. 6 loops are also handy to tie the pants around your waist.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly

Many training partners have come to me for this model and to ask me the price and the purchase site. All were impressed by the design of kimono and brand awareness. I recommend it 100% if you want to compete as if you want to buy a kimono with a stunning style for everyday use.


A reasonable price at 136, 50 Euros for the white version of the kimono. Expect a few euros more for the black and blue as well as California (white) and New York versions (2 blue available: classic dark blue and Navy).

Delivery is available across Europe.


Good points:

The fabric is exceptional and very light, this is a big point, especially if you are used to being below in open guard work. This Hyperfly fabric is described as un-tearable, I can not guarantee that to you but I guarantee you that the weight / resistance ratio is high. The crotch has an innovation with the addition of lycra which allows better management and real breathability. Obviously, the logo “YOU CAN’T TEACH HEART” located inside the jacket comes out when opening of the kimono.

Kimono Jiu Jitsu DoOrDie - the Premium Hyperfly


One of my favorite Gis and possibly my favorite. I love the messages that the brand brings such as respect and effort and the athletes representing the brand. This kimono has many innovations and will allow you to really feel comfortable. It’s a stunning model for competition coupled with a design up to the best modern standards. A must have in your collection of kimonos: DO OR DIE – YOU CAN’T TEACH HEART

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