BJJEE Gi Review: Dokebi, Balance Gi

BJJEE Gi Review: Dokebi, Balance Gi


Dokebi is a European/Korean Gi company and one of the rare BJJ Gi manufacturers from Korea. I was contacted by the owners of Dokebi, and they sent me a gi to try out. I was really excited to try it out as it was the first gi that I would roll in that came was made in Korea. I was expecting quality. They sent me their white ‘Balance Gi’. It took about 5 days to arrive to Serbia where I live.

Here are the specs:SAMSUNG

Single Weave 100% cotton
450 G/SM
Embroidered patches on the top and pants
Heavy-duty cotton twill pants
Flat cord drawstring closure system
Reinforced knees
Made in South Korea, fully IBJJF legal
Weight for the A3: 1,95 kgs


Sizing and shrinking:

I’m 1m85, 86 kilos so I ordered the A3 size. When the gi arrived and I tried it on it was just a bit oversize so I washed it a couple of times at 60 degrees to make it fit my body. It shrank about 5%, to eventually perfectly fit. After about 4 weeks of training everyday in the gi, there wasn’t any further shrinking. The cut is slightly larger than most slim fitting gis, which is a nice change from what is on offer these days.

Material and durability:

The jacket is made from high quality cotton, and is very strong. You can tell that this gi is ideal for the roughness of everyday training.
The Heavy-duty cotton twill pants have reinforced knees, and will last a lifetime.
This gi is loaded with reinforcements at the key stress areas. There is a flat drawstring and two belt loops which is reminiscent of the too old-school gis.




The thing I like the most with this gi is the simple design. The metallic grey embroidery and Korean letters look really cool. It’s proof that less is more. It isn’t a ‘bling’ gi but still sticks out from other more common gis.

Feeling when rolling:
Training: I wore the kimono every day for a month. The gi is very comfortable to roll in. At 1,95 kilos for a A3, it’s a medium weight BJJ gi. It’s great for everyday rolling and for competition.

In Conclusion:
The “Balance” gi retails at around 129 euros which places it in the mid price range for gis. It is a great quality gi with durable pants and simple and classy design. Looking forward to see the new black gi from Dokebi.

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