BJJ Gear review: Koral MKM Competition

In my time In Bjj and other martial arts I have used several Kimonos. From Budo Nord to Gameness and other brands but when I got my first Koral gi afew years ago I was sold. I have at the moment two Koral light Kimonos (1 black, 1 white) but my lovely nice wife gave me a Koral MKM Competition size A2  as a Christmas present.
The gi is made out of 100% Cotton and pre-shrunk. It held it size after washing it in 40°. The washing advice from Koral is to wash it cold in 30° but I have always washed mine in 40° and have had no problems with it.
The Jacket is made with one piece of fabric with no seam in the back. Koral states that this provides “strength, comfort and durability.”
The Lapel has rubber inside the core to help keep it soft and make the gi dry faster. Also help prevent bacteria and fungus from developing.
The pants feature the classic Koral fabric rope to adjust the pants and reinforced knees.
The gi sells for around 154 euros at http://www.koraleurope.com for the white version.
Size       HeightWeight
A0        5’0″-5’4″     95-120
A1        5’4″-5’8″   125-155
A2        5’8″-6’0″   155-190
A3        5’11”-6’2″ 190-220
A4        6’1″-6’4″   220-255
A5        6’4″ +        255 +
How does it Fit
I am 179cm and 83kg and I got kind of short legs and broad shoulders but the gi fits very well. It is slightly heavier than the Koral light gi I am used to using, it weighs 2.0kg for an A2 but all in all it gives the feeling of quality and durability.
The fabric feels really strong and doesn’t stretch much when people pull your sleeves.
The lapel is not too thick but holds its form well with the rubber core. Some Kimonos collars will scratch you neck leave and you with red marks on the side of your throat but not the MKM Competition. Its collar feels soft to the skin.
Another nice feature is that the gi’s sleeves are sown slightly in at the end making it harder to grab and for others to get their fingers stuck. Not having easy to grab sleeves can make all the difference in competition.
The Pants have a rope to adjust them and this might be one of my issues with Koral kimonos. When new, the rope has a tendency to slip and you will have to adjust your pants some times during training. This however does go away with time as the gi gets more worn and the rope gets softer and holds your pant better.
Training in it

Marcus and his Koral Gi

Training in the gi has been a good experience. It absorbs sweat well and even when strong guys pull you around, there is no risk of ripping your gi. It is definitely a great training gi.
The look
The Gi has the nice classic Koral look. Koral makes some of the best-looking kimonos in my opinion, although the MKM competition is the most patched up Kimono of the whole Koral line. Personally I think there might me a patch or two too many on this gi but you can take them off if you don’t like them and in the end patches or not comes down to personal taste.
This is definitely a durable gi! And it feels great to wear. Its is slightly heavier than the Koral light gi that I normally use and compete in coming in at 2.0kg instead of 1.5kg for a light gi. If the weight of your Kimono is not an issue for you at competitions I would use this gi to compete in. But form now I am sticking with light gi for competitions, but this will for sure be my main training gi as it is comfortable and super durable not to mention I look and feel great in it!

Whats your favorite Kimono brand? Tell us in the comment below so we might do a review some day.
Watch this video of the Koral MKM Competition: