‘Beyond Technique’: Or How To Learn Jiu-Jitsu More Effectively By Nic Gregoriades & Kit Dale

‘Beyond Technique’: Or How To Learn Jiu-Jitsu More Effectively By Nic Gregoriades & Kit Dale



BJJ black belts Nic Gregoriades  and Kit Dale’s  Beyond Technique DVD series.
The title says it all. What they show us is much more than techniques. They show us more than just a random selection of techniques, concepts and details which make a huge difference in your game.

Who are Nic Gregoriades and Kit Dale?

Nic Gregoriades  is Roger Gracie’s first black belt. He is the author of the very popular book The Black Belt Blueprint  which is about the system that he put in place when training, which allowed him to progress so fast in Jiu-Jitsu (4 1/2 years to black belt under Roger Gracie).

Kit Dale is a Checkmat black belt. He was awarded his black belt in less than 5 years of training Jiu-Jitsu and has earned an impressive collection of medals along the way. He is one of a very select few non-Brazilian athletes to win the Brazilian Nationals, as the 2011 purple belt champion. In addition, Kit is a 2 x Jiu-Jitsu World Pro champion and 9x Australian National Champion. Australia has yet to produce a black belt world champion and Kit Dale could change that.


You’ve probably heard of Rickson Gracie’s ‘Invisible Jiu-Jitsu’ concepts. Well, in ‘Beyond Technique‘ Nic and Kit show us mat and competition tested concepts which are invisible to the naked eye but are highly effective in making a difference during a roll. These are the kind of concepts and details which can make your game evolve by leaps and bounds IF you follow them. While watching this DVD you will have some ‘Aha!’ moments when some of the concepts solve some of your problem areas.

I’m a BJJ black belt that has been training for 13 years, and I’ve learned more in this DVD than in any other BJJ instructional (and I’ve watched a lot). If it were up to me, all instructionals should be like this one. This is like the little tip that changes your whole game…

Both Kit and Nic got their black belts in under 5 years. Maybe one of the reasons for that (together with all the training ) is that they share a common belief that there should be more focus on concept based and creative Jiu-Jitsu than on constant drilling of techniques. This is a constant debate on the internet among BJJ nerds.

What I personally don’t like in most instructionals is the lack of conveying the concepts of a technique and strategy. ‘Beyond Technique’ breaks down  a BJJ concept and 2 techniques which apply to it, showing you all the important details and the right strategy to use in a competition or self defense setting.


Kit Dale showing takedown concepts for BJJ

Beyond technique lasts 55 minutes, but doesn’t include all the time wasting slow motions and technique repetitions (you can always rewind for that).

They demonstrate 20 concepts. My personal favorites are the one where Kit shows how to nullify the pulling guard,  Nic’s pendulum concept and Kit’s way of dealing with different body types.

Transitional pressure
The Fisherman
The Quadrant
Post, Posture and Leverage
The Porcupine
Nullifying the guard pull
The Corkscrew
Weight distribution
Collapsing and inserting structures
Double-barrel shotgun
Open and closed chain
Removing leverage
Spinal torque
Size specific strategy
Border patrol
Loading the spring
The Pendulum
Take down postures
Hip-centric movement


The production quality is excellent and is well worth the investment.

Available in DVD format ($59.99) or digital download ($49.99) at: www.gobeyondtechnique.com

One example of of a concept to improve your takedowns, by Kit Dale: