Attention All Eastern European Grapplers! BrutalTShirt Explained + Zombie Apocalypse Survival Secret!

Being either a full time or a part time grappler and living the BJJ lifestyle while constantly training and competing is something that only people in the “industry” can really understand and like. Nevertheless, beyond brutal chokes, broken ears and excruciatingly painful foot locks, this way of living is also (or at least should be- for those who don’t know yet!) fun and fulfilling! So, as we call it here at BrutalTShirt headquarters… “Fun is the new brutal…” (See SAKUisFUN!!!)

The old school days of deadly ninja knife throwing secrets are slowly diminishing and we are currently experiencing the evolution of the martial arts in general, be it BJJ or MMA.
Or is there anyone reading BJJ Eastern Europe still practicing “deadly” Ninjutsu? 😉

When we first came up with the concept of “BrutalTShirt”, our main goal was to help people make the transition between the old serious warrior mindset to the new frugal BJJ/MMA (or any other martial art involved) lifestyle.
The way we decided to do it was by creating unique, alternative BJJ/MMA streetwear t-shirt designs that are DIFFERENT from everything there was and is on the market today. All the big brands in the industry are slowly becoming less and less creative and continue to do it just for the sake of profits, completely forgetting about people who will, at the end of the day, buy and wear their merchandise just because they are grapplers/fighters and like this way of living. Period.

With BrutalTShirt, things are different. Different, how?
Just check some of our existing designs and see for yourself.

Deadly Octopus Choke?

BJJ Lifestyle Jesus?

Sharp Scissor Sweeps?

Since our first amateurish t-shirt launched in 2010, we now have a full collection of 8 exclusive and absolutely unique t-shirts (with 3 of them being launched just recently…) who were created by grapplers, for grapplers, fighters and everyone in a way or another involved in this lifestyle.

So, this is for all you Eastern European Grapplers out there.

Use the discount coupon “BJJEASTEU10” when choosing your favorite BJJ/MMA streetwear on www.BrutalTShirt.com till the 9th of July 2012 to get 10% off. This offer is exclusive for BJJ Eastern Europe blog readers and won’t be available after the above mentioned date.

P.S. Besides the 10% off discount, on our site you’ll find something that may save your life during the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!!!