Atama Mundial 9 Gi Review


Atama has been present in BJJ since 1989, and is for sure one of the first and most traditional kimono brands. My first ever BJJ kimono was an Atama single weave which lasted 9 years!

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The Atama Mundial 9 is Atama’s most recent offering since the Mundial #7 (successor to the Mundial #5). The most noticeable change from the mundial 7 to the Atama mundial 9 is the change in looks. The mundial 9 is the exact same material as the mundial 7 and the same cut. The most noticeable difference is the change in embroidery. Just like the Mundial 7, the 9 has no seam in the back, and the jacket is made from one piece of material. The collar and pants are made of ripstop material. It’s really a great gi for training or for competition, but not as light as the lightweight gis on the market. It’s comfortable for everyday use and really sets the standard in the market for a true balance of competition cut and mobility in a gi.


Below is the size chart for the Atama Mundial 9:

From: AtamaEurope.com

Kimonos (Gi)
A1 5’3″- 5’8″ 1.60 – 1.72 110 – 140 50 – 64
A2 5’7″- 6’0″ 1.70 – 1.83 141 – 176 63 – 80
A3 5’10”- 6’3″ 1.78 – 1.91 176 – 209 80 – 95
A4 6’2″- 6’5″ 1.87 – 1.95 200 – 250 90 – 113
A5 6’5″- 6’9″ 1.96 – 2.05 251 – 280 (+) 113 – 127 (+)

atama mundial 9 gi review

Review of the Atama Mundial 9: 

First impressions:
It feels softer than the “7
It’s still lighter than a double weave
The “ATAMA” on the shoulders is black and looks sharp

Shrinking and fitting:
The Atamas always seem to take time to fully shrink and settle
ATAMA 9 pants are bigger than the atama 7
About 5% shrinkage but it takes like 6-7 washes at least to shrink to how you like it
The top fits great and the pants fit really good, but are a little long – although I personal prefer a bit of length at the bottom
The gi top has a much trimmer fit around the torso and the skirt length shrank about 3″ so it comes barely to the top of my thigh, just where I like it. The pants didn’t shrink nearly as much… maybe one inch in length if that, and no noticeable difference around my rump.
I absolutely love the ripstop fabric for the pants. They’re so much lighter and cooler, and the fabric doesn’t stick to your legs when soaking wet the way the ordinary twill/denim of mortal pants will.

atama back

Serbia's Uros Domanovic with his Atamas during this year's Europeans

Serbia’s Uros Domanovic with his Atamas during this year’s Europeans

Summary: The Mundial 9 is, as expected from Atama, a solid and great quality gi that is good for competition as well as everyday training. I wish that your Atama lasts as long as mine did 🙂

Available at: Atama Europe