Wrestler Jumps On Grizzly Bear To Save His Training Partner

Wrestler Jumps On Grizzly Bear To Save His Training Partner

Last Saturday, two college wrestlers have been seriously injured when they were attacked by a grizzly bear (in Cody, Wyoming).

As they went antler hunting, the two men encountered the bear at close range. The bear attacked one of them.
The second man – Kendall Cummings – then jumped on the grizzly in order to save his friend, Brady Lowry. Here’s what happened, as he explained for the Cowboy State Daily:

I grabbed and yanked him hard by the ear.

The bear then lunged towards Cummings and knocked him to the ground, attacking him immediately:

I could hear when his teeth would hit my skull, I could feel when he’d bite down on my bones and they’d kind of crunch.

After that, the bear left him alone and seemed to start distancing away. That’s when Cummings stood up, calling out to see if his friend is okay.
However, the bear then returned and attacked yet again:

I called out to Brady to make sure he was alright and I think the bear heard me. It kind of circled around and got me again.

Cummings said that he tried to fight off the bear at first, but fast understood that there was no sense in trying to do so.

The bear eventually stopped its attack. Cummings lay still for some time after and, once it became clear that the bear was gone, he got up and rejoined Lowry.
Then, the two wrestlers then began their long trek down the mountain, 5 miles to the spot where they started their hike.

Lowry believes Cummings has saved his life:

I can’t even express how grateful I am for him.
I don’t know what I’m going to pay him back, I don’t. I owe him everything.

Kendal Cummings visited by friends in hospital

Kendal Cummings visited by friends in hospital

He also praised the fact that both of them train wrestling:

That’s what the wrestling team does – we go to hell and back with each other. We aren’t going to let one of us go down without helping.