[Watch] Nate Diaz Guillotine Chokes Man In Altercation

[Watch] Nate Diaz Guillotine Chokes Man In Altercation

It seems to have been quite an eventful New Orleans night for Nate Diaz
Because he ended up in a street fight and choked out a guy!

Diaz was at the Misfits Boxing 6 event, where his teammate Chris Avila was one of the competitors. Avila beat Paul Mamba via unanimous decision.

However, Diaz started a scuffle with Chase DeMoor, a reality TV star, by throwing a water bottle at him during the event.
Then, in what appears to be an all-encompassing brawl afterwards, he got himself into a street fight.

The video below shows Diaz with his fists raised and the other man approaching him with his hands raised up.
An altercation ensues soon after and Diaz gets a Guillotine Choke in place – choking the man unconscious.


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Dana White watched the video as well, with a look of disbelief on his face:

Diaz is going to make his professional boxing debut against Jake Paul, on August 6.
His last fight in the UFC – before he departed from the promotion and became a free agent – was in September 2022, when he beat Tony Ferguson via Guillotine Choke.