[Watch] 3rd-Degree Gracie Black Belt Detains Man Before Police’s Arrest

[Watch] 3rd-Degree Gracie Black Belt Detains Man Before Police’s Arrest

Idriz Redžović is a 3rd-degree Gracie Black Belt who recently had an opportunity to put his BJJ skills to the test in a “live” setting. Namely, he took down a man who allegedly assaulted a 7-Eleven worker, holding him in spot until the police came and made the arrest.
Redžović shared what happened on Facebook, as well as a video which shows how he detains the man:

He assaulted a 711 employee, so I jumped in and took him to the ground and did a gift wrap hold which is taught in the art of Jiu-Jitsu until the police showed up and arrested him.

He went into details so as to what happened prior to him jumping in:

Here’s a little back story to the incident, I was getting slurpees for my kids and a lady came in complaining about the individual In this video. I look outside and her friend was driving around wrack less trying to hit him with the car and he was slamming his hand on her car teasing her and saying crazy stuff.
I was not sure if they knew each other because she seemed to be on something her self as well. So I told her to jump in the car and just leave. She snapped at me for saying that to her. Then she took some windshield fluid and slammed it on my own car in front trying to open it. I got her off.

Then I called the cops on both the girls and the guy. I stood back minding my business. Then the guy runs up on me talking crap and then said: “Are you Russian?” And tried flexing on me, trying to pretend like he was going to swing at me. And I took a step back and didn’t engage.
Then he walked into 711 messing with the employee as I was standing outside just watching and waiting for the cops, which I called like a few mins back.

Then I saw him swing at the 711 Employee that’s when I jumped in to control him ’til the cops came.

Redžović was proud that he has had the skills to detain the person. He shares why he recorded a video of the incident:

I went live to make sure nothing went on and I had witnesses to have my back. We live in the age of technology, so why not use it for good? People can learn from this footage that violence is not the answer. Get proper training, like I have and the world can be a better place.

I never harmed the guy and wish him the best and hope he changes his life around for the better. Maybe seeing this video might be a wake up call for him.
The cops probably would of came in and tased him or pepper sprayed him to arrest him. What if he would of hurt the employee really bad and then been locked up for a long time. Someone else might of killed him and he wouldn’t be there for his kids. He could of got hit by a car the way he was acting. I really wish him the best and maybe we can grab some food in the future.

This is another reason why people shouldn’t drink Alcohol or take drugs. I don’t drink because of my faith I am a Muslim and that’s why I was so calm; because my faith and my 20 plus years of teaching and training Jiu-Jitsu.
It was not easy for me to leave because they were driving wrack-less and almost hit my car a couple of times. Too much to say.

The video below shows how Redžović detains the man using the signature gift-wrap Jiu-Jitsu grip, flattening him out on his back when the police arrive at the scene in the end: