Rodolfo Vieira To Those That Doubt That He Is Steroid Free: “I’ll Bet You My 2 Cars That I’m Clean.”

Rodolfo Vieira To Those That Doubt That He Is Steroid Free: “I’ll Bet You My 2 Cars That I’m Clean.”


Source: Tatame

Weight and absolute champion in 2011 and heavyweight gold medallist the following year, Rodolfo Vieira will be back in California later this month to compete in the World Jiu-Jitsu Campionships, and about the big news of this year, doping tests, the black belt says no worries.

“Dude, that does not change anything for me. I do not want to know who has used, is using or has stopped using. I do my part, which is to train very hard, “he says. “I’ll never lose to a guy and say, ‘Oh, I lost because he took steroids,’ I do not need it, never felt the need to use. But if he felt he needed too, I would have no problem, but thank God I inherited these good genes, and is quite rare (laughs). ”

While highlighting his family’s genes as the key to his physical strength, the fighter said. “Many people accuse me of taking”.

Confident of himself, he proposes a wager: “Whoever has been doubting me and wants to test me, I paid the examination out of my pocket. I’ll pass the test before, during or after the Worlds, when necessary. And I bet my two cars with anyone who doubts, “fired the black belt, whose cars are worth over 75 thousand Reais ( around 28,000 euros)

“I wanted to do this bet before, and now is the time: before the most important event of the year.”

About Buchecha: 

“I’ve been the favorite but today it’s Buchecha.” he says. Rodolfo knows what other names can steal the scene: “It may surprise many that this World has Xande, André Galvão, Romulo Barral, Joao Gabriel, Leo Nogueira, Bernardo Faria … There is at least a few more there (laughs). This absolutel will be on fire. ”

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