Ralek Gracie Confirms Metamoris 4 Card & Secret Match

Ralek Gracie Confirms Metamoris 4 Card & Secret Match



BJJ Eastern Europe was among the first media to anounce the Metamoris 4 match ups.

Now Ralek Gracie, Metamoris president, had this to say on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour on Monday about Metamoris planned for 4. Aug. 9 in LA. :

“We’re excited. It’s going to be a really good card. We haven’t yet officially released anything yet. A lot of people were wondering about Metamoris 4. Coming off Royler vs Eddie was very tricky. We were looking at which direction to go in and what fights would people want to see next. We figured that Chael Sonnen vs Andre Galvao would be interesting. Dean Lister hasn’t been submitted in 15 years in competition. It’s exciting to face him against Josh Barnett. ”




On how he secured Chael Sonnen:

“It was a good way to keep Chael active with what is going on with him with commissions at the moment. He hasn’t competed in anything grappling or wrestling in a long time.”

On his concerns with Chael Sonnen’s medical situation and PED’s:

“I don’t really know what his situation is with the commission. In my school of thought it doesn’t matter who takes what PED in grappling. It won’t change the game for him anyway. He can roll with half of the black belts I know and he’ll be in serious trouble.”

On the possibility of Eddie Bravo vs Royce Gracie fight on Metamoris:

“Royce just wants to fight MMA”

Ralek also announced a secret match for Metamoris 4 where nobody will know the competitors until the last minute. Even the competitors will not know who they will fight.

He mentioned that he plans a huge match for Metamoris 5.

The Kron Gracie vs Benson Henderson fight is not happening.

Confirmed matches by Ralek Gracie:

Main event: Andre Galvao vs Chael Sonnen.
– Saulo Ribeiro vs Comprido Medeiros
– Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett
– Keenan Cornelius vs Vinny Magalhaes
– Kit Dale vs Garry Tonon
– Secret match

+ More matches to confirm

Josh Barnett also talked to Ariel Helwani about his Metamoris match vs Dean Lister:

“It’s a challenge and I want to show Catch wrestling to these Jiu-Jitsu folks.”

“Dean is a great opponent and is very dangerous. He has great leglocks.”